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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • Indy returns to the mines to whip the slavers into shape…literally, because he carries a whip.
  • Even Willie helps, for a change, by retrieving a key to unlock the children's chains.
  • It's all going well until Indy is attacked by a great big burly man in a turban.
  • Short Round attempts to save Indy by hitting the big man with a floppy little stick. A wet noodle would be a more effective weapon.
  • The burly dude chucks Indy into a mine cart.
  • Indy is rendered helpless to the man's punches when the young Maharaja decides to play "Poke the Voodoo Doll" from afar.
  • Indy and the man duke it out on a conveyor belt that is carrying them slowly toward a giant concrete steamroller.
  • Every time Indy gets the upper hand, the Maharaja stabs the Indy doll, and Indy collapses like he just got kicked in the solar plexus by Ronda Rousey.
  • Short Round climbs to the Maharaja's perch and knocks the doll from his hands. It's like a fight between two kids over a toy on Black Friday.
  • Just as Indy is about to get the steam rolled out of him, Shorty removes the dagger from the doll, and Indy regains his strength.
  • As Shorty beats the young Maharaja bloody, Indy knocks the burly guard into the steamroller and squishes him into a flat, gory pancake. Ew.
  • Finally, Shorty makes BBQ'd Maharaja, poking him in the side with a flaming torch.
  • The young Maharaja comes to his senses and tells Short Round how to escape.

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