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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • Dr. Jones approaches the table of a Chinese man.
  • Jones speaks a little Chinese, surprising the man with his mastery of the language.
  • Indy admits that he has Nurhachi. Whatever that is. Is it a dessert? Does it come with ice cream?
  • The Chinese man introduces Jones to the nightclub singer, Willie Scott. She's a lot hotter than Willard Scott, that's for sure.
  • When the Chinese man says he wants Nurhachi right now, Jones grabs Willie and pushes a dinner fork into her side.
  • Indy, did you learn nothing in school? That's the cold cuts fork. The stabbing-ladies fork is the second from the left.
  • Before handing over Nurhachi, Jones wants what he is owed first.
  • Lao, the man, puts a bag of coins on a lazy Susan, but Jones wants a diamond.
  • Lao puts the diamond on the lazy Susan and Willie rotates it toward Dr. Jones.
  • Now that Indy has the diamond, Lao demands Nurhachi.
  • Jones has a waiter bring it over. Nurhachi isn't a tasty dessert drink. It's a little ceramic jar with the ashes of the first Emperor of the Manchu Dynasty.
  • Jones drinks a toast to a successful exchange, and Lao chuckles.
  • "Now, you give me the diamond," Lao says.
  • Sorry, Lao, this isn't Target. No returns.
  • Lao wants to trade the diamond in exchange for the antidote to the poison Dr. Jones just drank.
  • Uh-oh. Poison? And he thought the room was spinning because it was a really strong Mai Tai.
  • Jones returns the diamond and pokes Willie with the fork again. She's going to have more holes in her than the plot of this movie.
  • Indy calls over the "waiter," Wu Han, who turns out to be his old friend.
  • Wu Han has a gun pointed at Lao. There is no way Lao's leaving him a good tip now.
  • Wu Han doesn't last long. When champagne bottles pop in celebration, one of Lao's men pops a cap in Wu Han.
  • Diamonds. Gorgeous dresses. Betrayal. Poison. All we need is Theresa Giudice to flip a table, and this is basically an episode of Real Housewives.

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