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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • For a one-man welcome wagon, the Indian dude isn't very chatty.
  • He points Indy in the direction of a decrepit little village.
  • Inside the village, all the residents plead to Indy for help.
  • They reach for him and pet him as if they're fans at a Star Wars premiere groping Harrison Ford.
  • The villagers bring Indy and Willie some food, but she's too stuck up to eat it.
  • Indy forces her to eat it, and she takes a big fingerful. It can't be that bad…especially compared to what she'll be eating later.
  • The village elder asks Indy to go to Pankot Palace where a new Maharaja has moved in.
  • He's not a neighbor they want. He spreads evil across the land.
  • The elder says that they prayed, and then Indy fell from the sky. Indy has been sent to help them.
  • They show Indy where their sacred stone was stolen by the Maharaja.
  • Oh, and the Maharaja didn't just take the rock. He stole their children, too.
  • Bad idea, because a kid later stumbles into the village with a message for Indy. The Maharaja should have stuck to rocks. Rocks can't talk.
  • The message is a little piece of cloth with a picture on it. Indy sees it and says, "Sankara." He tells Short Round about the Sankara stones, magical stones that can bring fortune and glory.

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