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It's a Wonderful Life The Stair Post

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The Stair Post

When George is barreling down his tunnel of despair, he arrives at home and accidentally pulls the loose top piece off one of the stair posts. This is evidently something that happens all of the time in his old house, but it especially irritates him this time. In the middle of an epic financial crisis, the beat-up staircase with its broken post reminds him of everything he doesn't have.

But, after George gets his life back again, his attitude changes. Now, he's able to appreciate his life, flaws included. So, when he comes home, and the top piece of the stair post comes off again, he kisses it before putting it back into place. Moral of the story? It's all how you look at things that make the difference. Embrace life with all its messiness. Home, even one with a beat-up staircase, is where the heart is.

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