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It's a Wonderful Life Fandoms

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Christmas Copyright

Because it became ubiquitous on TV after its copyright expired in 1974, half of America watched the film—over and over again. It became a holiday tradition for families, developing a huge fan base.

Every year, devoted fans make pilgrimages to the It's a Wonderful Life festival in the little town of Seneca Falls, New York, which claims to have been the inspiration for Bedford Falls. There, they can get their picture taken with actors from the movie—like the now-elderly child stars who played George Bailey's kids—among other fun activities that you can learn about here. There's even a year-round It's a Wonderful Life museum in town.

The film has online fan sites like this one, run by the actress who played George's daughter Zuzu. Fanpop gets into the act with a site on which one fan dutifully confesses that she didn't like the film the first time she saw it. The movie has got its own Tumblr and Facebook pages, too. Is it too corny to say this movie has got a timeless appeal? We'll say it anyway.

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