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It's a Wonderful Life Scene 12

Scene 12

Scene 12

All I Want for Christmas Is You

  • George arrives at the bridge and prays to God again. He wants to live.
  • Bert the cop arrives and recognizes George. He tells George his mouth is bleeding (from being punched out by the teacher's husband).
  • George has his life back. Zuzu's petals reappear in his pocket.
  • George runs through town shouting, "Merry Christmas!" to everyone he sees, including Mr. Potter. He looks a little loopy, but it's pure joy.
  • The bank examiner and a cop are at his house, but George seems happy to see them. He's excited to see his kids, who all surround and hug him. Mary enters; more hugs. He's over the top with relief and happiness. He loves everybody.
  • Mary takes him downstairs and shows him that all of the townspeople have banded together to give him the money he needs.
  • Uncle Billy brings in a massive basket of cash he's collected, and tons of people come in to donate more money.
  • He gets a cable from Sam Wainwright, telling him that Sam has granted him $25,000 to keep his business together.
  • Everyone celebrates and sings Christmas carols. Harry shows up, alive and in uniform. He makes a toast to George, calling him "the richest man in town."
  • George holds Zuzu and finds a copy of Tom Sawyer under the tree. It's been signed by Clarence.
  • A bell rings on the tree, and Zuzu says her teacher says it means an angel got its wings. George knows it's Clarence. He joins in singing "Auld Lang Syne" with all of his friends.
  • That's what we'd call an epically heartwarming, Capra-esque ending.

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