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It's a Wonderful Life Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

Would-Be Ramblin' Man

  • The angels show Clarence a grown-up George Bailey buying a suitcase, which he plans to use when he finally gets to travel the world. The salesman gives it to him for free; Mr. Gower has already paid for it as a gift.
  • He stops by the drugstore to thank Gower and takes a cab home.
  • He sees Violet on the street and compliments her on her looks.
  • At the Bailey household, George and Harry horse around before dinner. They seem happy. George is about to move out and travel to Europe.
  • His father complains about Mr. Potter's interference with the Building and Loan, and Harry invites George to a dance.
  • Mr. Bailey asks George whether he wants to take over the Building and Loan, but George isn't interested. He says he wants to do something big and important. No offense.
  • His father thinks that helping families buy homes of their own is pretty important, but he understands George's wish to see the world. What a good dad.
  • At the dance, George chats with some other guys. He runs into Violet, but Mary Hatch's brother comes up and asks George to dance with Mary.
  • Mary ditches her boring date to go dance with George, and they hit it off big time.
  • Mary's date isn't happy; he pushes a button that makes the dance floor slide back, causing George and Mary to fall into the swimming pool below. Other partygoers start diving in, too.
  • As George and Mary walk home, they sing the song "Buffalo Gals" together. Now out of their wet clothes, George is wearing someone's football uniform, while Mary is wearing a bathrobe.
  • George say he's going to throw a rock at an abandoned house across the street and make a wish.
  • Mary tells him not to since it's a romantic old ruin. He does it anyway, making a wish to leave Bedford Falls and see the world.
  • Mary throws a rock and breaks a window, but she won't tell George what she wished for.
  • George asks her about her wish and says if she wants the moon, he'll lasso it and drag it down for her. A neighbor on a porch yells at him to "just kiss her" already.
  • George yells at the neighbor. Mary darts away, but her robe falls off, and she hides in a bush. George picks up the robe and pretends he won't give it back.
  • In the middle of this playful scene, George's Uncle Billy drives up and tells him his father has just had a stroke.
  • George tosses the robe back to Mary, apologizes, and drives off with Billy.

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