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It's a Wonderful Life Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

You Used to Call Me on Your Rotary Phone

  • Mary puts "Buffalo Gals" on the record player for old times' sake. George finally comes in and asks her why she isn't in New York with Sam and other friends. She explains that she actually likes it in Bedford Falls.
  • George is in a miserable mood, depressed about Harry moving away. Mary is dropping romantic hints all over the place, but they go right over his head.
  • Mary's mother asks what George is doing there; she's suspicious about his intentions. George and Mary argue, and George walks out just as Sam Wainwright phones Mary.
  • Mary smashes the "Buffalo Gals" record and answers the phone.
  • George comes back in to get his hat, which he forgot.
  • Sam is calling from an office and says he wants to talk to Mary and George. They both get on the same phone.
  • Sam is thinking about building a plastics factory, and George suggests doing it in Bedford Falls.
  • Sam offers George a job and wants him to invest in the company. No dice. George is getting pretty agitated.
  • As Sam talks to them, George and Mary look at each other longingly over the phone they're sharing, until George finally breaks down and they kiss, dropping the phone.

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