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It's a Wonderful Life Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

Don't Bank on It

  • We jump ahead to the day of George and Mary's wedding. The guests celebrate wildly and throw rice as they get into a cab and drive off.
  • George and Mary kiss in the back of the cab, and they happily tell Ernie the driver about their honeymoon plans.
  • Suddenly, Ernie points out all of the people rushing into the bank.
  • Turns out, there's a run on the bank; people are panicked, desperately trying to withdraw their money fearing the bank will fail.
  • George jumps out and lets everyone inside. Mary begs him to come back, but he's a man on a mission.
  • Uncle Billy tells them they're in crisis mode. People want their money, but the bank can't cover it.
  • The dastardly Mr. Potter calls and says he's buying out the bank and helping it with the money it needs. Of course, that means he's taking it over.
  • George explains to the customers that they can't take out their money right now. Everyone threatens to go over to Potter's bank, but George explains that Potter just wants their business to enrich himself and will just rip them off.
  • Mary offers their honeymoon and travel money to help hold people over until they can pay them back, keeping their accounts at the Building and Loan.
  • It works. Because his customers trust George, they agree to take just enough to tide them over.
  • The business is saved for now.
  • Mary calls George and gives him directions to a house—the old, abandoned place they'd thrown rocks at on that romantic evening a while back. Mary arranged for them to buy it and make it their home.
  • Instead of a honeymoon, she had Bert and Ernie put travel posters on the walls, and she made a fancy dinner with champagne and caviar for her new husband.
  • Mary has already started moving in their things and fixing up the old, dilapidated house. George is impressed. Their friends serenade them from outside.
  • Mary tells George that when she broke a window in the house with the rock, this is what she wished for: a home there, together.
  • We think this gal's a keeper.

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