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It's a Wonderful Life Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

Mr. Potter Wears Prada

  • An Italian immigrant, Martini, thanks George for helping him buy his very own house. He's bursting with pride.
  • Martini and his family are moving out of their slumlord Potter's apartment into Bailey Park—a small neighborhood of modest, affordable homes—thanks to the Building and Loan.
  • As Mary and George present the family with some moving-in gifts, the look on Martini's face tells us everything we need to know about how important the Building and Loan is to the people in town.
  • Sam Wainwright shows up at the moving celebration and greets George, who notices Sam's new car and fancy clothes. Plastics.
  • Next stop: Mr. Potter's office, where an adviser tells Potter about how George is cutting into his business by giving home loans to people who then move out of Potter's apartments.
  • Back with George, Sam teases him about turning down his plastics offer. We guess plastics ended up making Sam a pretty rich guy.
  • We return to Potter's office, where George meets with him and smokes one of Potter's expensive cigars.
  • Mr. Potter says that he's been able to get control of everything in town except the Building and Loan; he compliments George on keeping it afloat.
  • But, Potter says he knows George doesn't like working at the Building and Loan; he's just trapped.
  • He offers to have George manage his affairs, offering him a salary beyond his wildest dreams.
  • George is astonished, but he wonders what will happen to the Building and Loan.
  • He asks for a day to think it over. But, when George shakes Potter's hand, he changes his mind.
  • He chews out Potter about exploiting the townspeople and storms off.

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