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It's a Wonderful Life Friendship

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George Bailey has more friends than Mark Zuckerberg. He's kind, generous, funny, and gregarious. What's not to love?

Psychologists, who know everything, have known for ages that social support can help people cope with the effects of crisis and change. And your friends (and family) are your social support network. So, how can George, with all of those friends, get to the point of wanting to throw his life away? Well, we didn't say that social support prevents crisis and change; nothing can do that. But, it helps people cope with crises when they inevitably arrive.

That's just what happens with George. When he's at his lowest point, his friends come through with spiritual (prayer) and practical (buckets of cash) support. He's practically drowning in love at the end of the movie. Seeing him surrounded by all of those friends, we know that he's gonna be OK.

Questions About Friendship

  1. What is it about George that makes people want to be friends with him?
  2. Would George have survived without his friends?
  3. Why does George forget his conviction that friends are what make you rich?

Chew on This

The movie suggests that it's easy to make friends in a small town because everyone depends on everyone else.

Potter's lack of friends shows us from the start that he's the villain of the story.

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