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Jaws Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • A group of teen party-goers are gathered on the beach doing teen party things: smoking, drinking, playing folk guitar, boiling lobsters, open-mouthed kissing… Blech!
  • A blonde girl named Chrissie runs off with a blonde boy to go skinny-dipping in the ocean.
  • She jumps in and starts swimming out to a buoy, but he's too drunk to make it to the finish line and passes out on the beach. Teens, alcohol, and the beach. What could go wrong?
  • The camera switches to an underwater POV angle. Who's watching? Cue the scary music! Something strong pulls Chrissie underwater and thrashes her around like a rag doll.
  • Back on the beach, loverboy doesn't hear her frantic screams.
  • Finally, she's pulled underwater without a trace. Friends don't let friends go skinny-dipping alone off Amity Island, kids.

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