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Jaws Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • The next morning Chief Martin Brody and his wife, Ellen, wake up in their charming oceanfront house. They banter playfully about doing the chores. Totes adorbs.
  • He gets a phone call and has to go check something out. Ellen says to be careful, but he's like, "In this town? Gimme a break."
  • He drives his cool Amity Police Department truck to the beach and meets his deputy and the boy who was too drunk to go skinny-dipping. His hair still looks ridiculous.
  • They discover what's left of Chrissie's body getting eaten by crabs, which grosses everybody out.
  • Brody returns to the police station to type up a report on Chrissie's death. He types in SHARK ATTACK as the probable cause of death.
  • Everybody keeps bugging him with trivial problems—illegal parking, kids karate-chopping fences, etc. Fill out the form, folks! Sheesh! He's trying to get everyone out of the water and close the beaches so nobody else gets eaten.
  • Mayor Larry Vaughn hears that Brody's trying to close the beaches and chases him down with a group of his cronies.
  • Vaughn tells Brody that it couldn't have been a shark that killed Chrissie, so he shouldn't close the beaches or say anything about a shark.
  • The town's livelihood depends on Amity's ability to attract summer vacationers, after all. Wouldn't want to have a panic on our hands on the 4th of July, would we?
  • Brody backs down. He is very new, after all.

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