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Jaws Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • Brody's sitting at the dinner table all depressed and lost in thought. His youngest son, Sean, starts mimicking his actions as Ellen watches. He gives his dad a much-needed kiss. On a cute scale of one to ten, this is an eleven.
  • Hooper arrives and invites himself in for dinner and actually starts eating from Brody's plate. He brought wine, though, so it's cool.
  • Ellen asks Hooper about his job. He says he's loved sharks ever since one of them ate his boat when he was a kid. Okay. Anyway, he's convinced those fishermen caught the wrong shark, and he plans to leave tomorrow and report as much.
  • Ellen tells Hooper that Brody's afraid of water. He's kinda touchy about it. After some discussion, Brody and Hooper decide to go cut the shark open.
  • Hooper cuts open the shark's digestive tract (thank goodness smell-o-vision never took off) and starts yanking stuff out. All they find is fish, a tin can, and a Louisiana license plate. No humans, so their shark is still out there.
  • Hooper wants to go look for it immediately and he strong-arms Brody into coming with him so they can prove to the mayor that they have to close the beaches.
  • They go out in the dark on Hooper's fancy boat and find the wreck of a boat that belonged to a fisherman named Ben Gardner. Brody wants to tow it in, but Hooper hops into the water to examine the hull with a flashlight.
  • He finds a very large shark tooth stuck in a hole in the hull. As he's looking for more clues, a grrrrrross severed head floats through the hole and scares the pants off of Hooper. He drops the shark tooth into the inky sea.

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