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Jaws Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Brody and Hooper try to convince Vaughn that there's a great white shark out there and they have to close the beaches and pay Quint to kill it, but Vaughn won't budge. If they close the beaches, the townspeople will lose too much.
  • People arrive in droves to swim at Amity. Brody and Hooper frantically try to make the beaches as safe as possible. Brody has gunmen patrolling in boats and a helicopter circles overhead.
  • All the news about the shark is keeping people from swimming in the water, so Vaughn pressures one of his lackeys to get in the water with his family. Others see them and follow suit.
  • Michael Brody tries to launch his sailboat into the ocean with some friends, but Brody convinces him to sail in a protected estuary they call "the pond."
  • The camera moves to a shark's-eye view. No scary music yet, though. The watchmen are on edge, but everyone else is having a great time in the water. Mayor Vaughn claims in a TV interview that their shark problems are over.
  • Suddenly, a shark fin appears near some swimmers, and everybody panics. A few people are trampled in the stampede of people rushing out of the water, but it turns out to be a couple of kids playing a prank with a fake shark fin. Boys will be boys.
  • And sharks will be sharks. While everyone's focused on the activity on the beach, a real shark swims into the pond, where Michael and his friends are sailing along with their Boy Scout leader.
  • The shark knocks both boats over, grabs the Boy Scout leader, and pulls him screaming under the water. His severed leg plops onto the seabed like a dropped hot dog.
  • The shark turns around and heads back to sea as Brody and his wife rush to tend to their son, who's gone into shock. Brody stares out at the ocean after the shark. "We will meet again, my fine fishy friend," he doesn't say but is probably thinking.

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