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Jaws Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Hooper puts on his SCUBA gear and grabs his poison-tipped spear. Quint and Brody lower him and the cage into the water.
  • The shark swims past once then disappears before suddenly ramming the cage, bending the bars and knocking the spear out of Hooper's hand. The shark dismantles the cage and Hooper barely escapes alive. He swims to the ocean floor as the shark gets caught in the mangled cage.
  • Back on the deck of the Orca, Quint and Brody pull up the wreckage of the cage. As they stare dumbly at the twisted metal, the shark leaps out of the water onto the stern of the boat.
  • Quint slides down the boat and gets crushed in the shark's jaws (there it is again) and he's dragged into the water screaming as Brody watches in horror.
  • Brody's fumbling inside the cabin of the sinking ship when the shark breaks through the window and tries to eat him.
  • He grabs a compressed air tank and shoves it into the corner of the shark's mouth.
  • The shark retreats temporarily and Brody grabs Quint's rifle and a harpoon to defend himself as he climbs the mast of the fast-sinking boat. How can this possibly end well?
  • As the shark charges Brody once again, he takes aim with Quint's rifle and fires at the compressed air tank in the shark's mouth.
  • He finally scores a hit and the tank explodes, tearing the shark apart. His carcass sinks to the bottom of the ocean in a cloud of blood.
  • As Brody celebrates, Hooper resurfaces in his SCUBA gear.
  • Brody tells him Quint didn't make it.
  • They build a life raft out of some floating debris and paddle back to shore.

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