Study Guide

Jurassic Park Genre


Adventure; Monster Movie; Disaster Film

Jurassic Park is a deep, thought-provoking drama about what it means to be human in an ever-changing world, and the psychological effects of the past vs. the fu…

Just kidding. Jurassic Park is an adventure ride intended to provide memorable thrills and incredible action sequences. All the scientific mumbo-jumbo is merely a backdrop for amazing dinosaur chase scenes. Jurassic Park is every bit the adventure of Spielberg's Indiana Jones flicks, with the added benefit of dinosaurs—prehistoric creatures made into modern movie monsters.

On top of all that, Jurassic Park is also a disaster film, like Twister or Armageddon, except here it's a man-made disaster that could have been prevented. Once the dinosaurs are unleashed, they're an unstoppable force of nature, though, and the goal becomes survival.