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Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park Summary

In a tropical jungle, armed men attempt to transfer a vicious animal into a pen. It doesn't go well, and one of the men becomes a snack to the creature inside. Elsewhere, a lawyer travels to an amber mine in the Dominican Republic looking for John Hammond, the owner of the wildlife park where that man just got eaten. Nervous about the safety of the park, Hammond's investors want expert approval before they continue to fund the project.

But where is John Hammond? He travels to an archaeological dig in Montana to recruit archaeologist Dr. Alan Grant and paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler to put their stamp of approval on his wildlife preserve. He agrees to fund their dig, and off they go.

Along with mathematician—er, chaotician—Dr. Ian Malcolm and attorney Donald Gennaro, the group helicopters to Isla Nublar, near Costa Rica, where they're greeted by sunny weather, lush tropical foliage, and a Brachiosaurus.

Yep, a real-life Brachiosaurus towering above the trees. Welcome to the JP.

After an orientation tour in which the process for reviving dinosaurs is explained—fossilized mosquitoes, amber, frog DNA, yada yada yada—the honored guests hop aboard electric transport vehicles and forge ahead into Jurassic Park to peep some dinos firsthand. They're joined by John Hammond's grandchildren, Tim and Lex. You know, because kids love dinosaurs.

All the dinosaurs are no-shows—aw, the T. rex is shy—and it's a bummer. Alan leaves the transport vehicle to check on a sick Triceratops. To diagnose its illness, Ellie goes elbow deep in dino doo-doo and decides to stay behind with the sick dino. The rest of the group returns through the park, but as they round the corner to the T. rex paddock, a tropical storm hits.

Taking advantage of the tropical deluge, disgruntled programmer Dennis Nedry steals an assortment of dinosaur embryos to sell to a rival company for $1.5 million dollars, the kind of wealth that would make a guy gruntled in an instant. Nedry shuts down the electric fences to make a beeline for the boat that is scheduled to leave with evacuating park workers.

Barreling through the jungle, Nedry goes off-road and into a Dilophosaurus pen. Oh look at them, so pretty, with their colorful neck frills…and their razor sharp teeth…and their toxic venom. Yeah, Nedry's no match for that dinosaur, and doesn't make it out of the park alive.

With the electric fences down, the T. rex escapes. The lawyer runs and hides in the bathroom, leaving the kids behind. Grant and Malcolm attempt to distract the giant dinosaur with flares, but the T. rex chases Malcolm, taking a swipe at him, injuring the chaotician and destroying the bathroom in the process, thus leaving the attorney a helpless snack on an exposed toilet.

Munch. He becomes dino food.


The T. rex pushes the kids' car into a ravine, so Grant goes after the vehicle and leads the kids to safety across the island. Meanwhile, Ellie Sattler and game warden Robert Muldoon arrive in a gas-powered Jeep and find Dr. Malcolm alive. The T. rex chases them back to the safety of the visitor's center.

But no place in Jurassic Park is safe without power, so Ellie and Muldoon travel to the power shed to restore power. Ellie flips the power switches just as Alan, Tim, and Lex are climbing the electric fence. Tim is blown off the fence when it powers up, but aside from his new hairstyle, he's okay. In the power shed, Ellie is attacked by a raptor and has to run; outside, Muldoon is surrounded by two raptors and becomes a raptor snack.

He's not enough of a meal for those raptors, though, so they enter the visitor's center as Alan returns with the kids, leaving them alone in the main hall even though there's a giant hole in the wall. The kids run from the raptors into the kitchen and eventually reunite with Ellie and Alan. Lex, a computer hacker who knows UNIX, rearms the locks on the doors, but the raptor still makes it inside.

They flee through air vents and end up dangling from the giant dinosaur skeleton in the atrium. The skeleton crashes to the ground, and our four human heroes are surrounded by raptors. Conveniently, the T. rex shows up to distract the raptors, and the humans run away. They meet Hammond and Malcolm at the helipad and helicopter to safety, literally flying away into the sunset. Goodbye, Jurassic Park. It's a nice place to visit…okay, it's not a nice place to visit unless you want to see the inside of a T. rex's stomach. Good riddance.

  • Scene 1

    Scene 1

    • We open with a handful of credits and some ominous instrumental music. (Seriously, guys, the closed captions say "Ominous instrumental music.")
    • What's the omen?
    • Hmm, we have rustling branches, weird noises, a strange light, and…a black guy in a hard hat.
    • Also, there are a bunch of white people with cattle prods (if they gave the black dude a cattle prod, we can't see it), and another guy with a pith helmet and a very big shotgun.
    • Some text on-screen says we're on Isla Nublar, 120 miles west of Costa Rica.
    • A crane lowers a big metal box to the ground, and pith helmet orders some guys to push the growling metal box up to the entrance of a high-tech pen.
    • Jophery, a different black guy without a tazer or any sort of weapon at all, climbs atop the box and opens the gate to let whatever animal is inside the box into the pen…
    • But the box slides away from the gate. Uh-oh…the creature grabs Jophery's legs and pulls him inside. Gulp.
    • The man with the pith helmet tries to save Jophery, yelling, "Shoot her!" to the men nearby. They shoot, but can't save Jophery. Sorry, Jophery.
  • Scene 2

    Scene 2

    • Now it's daylight. A man in a suit is being pulled on a raft by a black man to a shore.
    • His Spanish guide on the shore mumbles, in Spanish, "1,000 pesos he falls."
    • The text tells us we're at the Mano de Dio Amber Mine in the Dominican Republic.
    • Somehow, the dude in the suit doesn't fall. He's a lawyer, and he mentions to his guide that they're facing a $20 million lawsuit from Jophery's family, but he can't believe that Hammond, whoever that is, isn't there to see him.
    • Oops, he trips over a rock.
    • Then he continues that investors are anxious about the park's safety issues.
    • Pepe, the guide, says Hammond "hates inspections. They slow everything down." Who needs safety when you're running a park full of bloodthirsty monsters?
    • A man runs up to Pepe and tells him to go into the mine.
    • As they go inside, the lawyer explains that the investors want two "experts" to sign off on the island. They have Ian Malcolm, but the investors want Alan Grant.
    • Pepe doesn't think that's a good idea: "Grant's like me. He's a digger." Pepe examines a chunk of amber dug from the mine, and the camera zooms in. There's a mosquito inside.
  • Scene 3

    Scene 3

    • Cut to Alan Grant doing what he does best: digging. He brushes away dirt from a bone.
    • As they continue to brush in the dirt of the Badlands near Snakewater, Montana, it looks like they're digging up a toothy dinosaur skeleton.
    • Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler are called over to a computer, which displays a radar image of the skeleton underground.
    • The image appears, and Dr. Sattler observes that it's probably a Velociraptor.
    • Dr. Grant suggests dinosaurs had more in common with birds than reptiles—raptor means "bird of prey."
    • A know-it-all kid (where did he come from?) says it doesn't look scary; it looks like a six-foot turkey.
    • Dr. Grant tells the kid he'd be a sitting duck to that six-foot turkey, and the other two turkeys in his hunting pack, who would disembowel him with a six-inch claw, which Dr. Grant pulls out of his pocket and slashes at the kid with.
    • "You are alive when they start to eat you," he says. That'll teach him.
    • Dr. Sattler says she might want kids, just not that kid, but Dr. Grant doesn't seem down for that.
  • Scene 4

    Scene 4

    • A helicopter lands, blowing dust all over the dig site.
    • Grant goes to his trailer, where an old man opens a bottle of his champagne without permission.
    • The old coot is John Hammond, the man funding the dig.
    • Dr. Sattler storms in, and Grant introduces her to Hammond.
    • Hammond gets to the point: He owns an island near Costa Rica, which he uses for a "biological preserve."
    • He's opening an attraction next year, if the lawyers allow it.
    • Thing is, the investors want an outside opinion, like that of renowned archaeologist and paleobotanist Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler.
    • Hammond invites them for the weekend, offering to fully fund their dig for three more years.
    • They're in.
  • Scene 5

    Scene 5

    • A man gets out of a car in San Jose, Costa Rica; he's wearing sunglasses and carrying a big leather bag.
    • His name is Dodgson, and he meets a fat man in a Hawaiian shirt at a dinner table.
    • He hands him the leather bag, which holds $750,000, and says he'll pay $50,000 more for each viable embryo. Who is this guy?
    • When the fat man asks how he'll transport them, Dodgson gives him a Barbasol can with a secret coolant compartment.
    • The check comes, and the fat man has Dodgson pick up the bill.
  • Scene 6

    Scene 6

    • Self-described chaotician Dr. Ian Malcolm, Hammond, Grant, Sattler, and the lawyer ride a helicopter to the island.
    • We're treated to a sweeping view of the green island and dramatic music as the helicopter swoops in for a landing near a towering waterfall.
    • Jeeps bearing the Jurassic Park logo pick up the new arrivals and transport them across the island, through a few thick electrified gates along the way.
    • Atop a hill, the Jeep stops, giving Dr. Grant another spectacular view…this time of a giant dinosaur. Not bones, either, but a walking, talking (well, bellowing) Brachiosaurus.
    • Hammond also mentions they have a T. rex: "Welcome to Jurassic Park!"
    • Grant sits on the ground and watches all the dinosaurs wandering around, moving in herds.
  • Scene 7

    Scene 7

    • Now let's find out how they brought these dinosaurs to life.
    • The Jeeps take the scientists (and mathematician) to the Jurassic Park visitor's center.
    • There's a big ol' T. rex skeleton in the middle of the atrium. Um, how does the living T. rex feel about that?
    • Hammond leads everyone into a little movie theater where a movie version of himself appears on screen to talk about the park and the miracle of cloning.
    • "Where do you get 100-million-year-old dinosaur blood?" Sattler wonders.
    • Well, a cartoon named Mr. DNA swirls onto the screen to explain it to us. (We already know about DNA, Mr. Cartoon.)
    • Mr. DNA explains that mosquitoes bit dinosaurs, getting fat and filled with juicy dino blood, and then some mosquitoes got stuck in fossilized tree sap, or amber.
    • Jurassic Park scientists extracted the blood from the mosquitoes and—boom—dinosaur DNA.
    • Geneticists use frog DNA to fill in the holes in the genetic code and make a dinosaur.
    • Hammond is done with that movie, so he hits a button, and the theater seats rotate to a window where they can observe the scientists.
    • Grant, Sattler, and Malcolm force the safety bars off their laps so they can get off the ride and head into the lab itself to see the unfertilized eggs.
    • If this place can't secure people in barely moving seats, how can we trust it to secure dinosaurs?
  • Scene 8

    Scene 8

    • The unfertilized eggs are big and look like they'd make a yummy omelet.
    • A scientist named Henry tells them they're about to hatch.
    • A little dinosaur face breaks open the eggshell and comes out. It's cute…well, if your definition of cute includes sharp teeth, blood, goop, and other assorted dino yolk.
    • Henry says the dinosaurs can't breed in the wild because all the animals are female.
    • Dr. Malcolm says that's a bad idea. Somehow, a group of 100% females will still find a way to breed: "Life can't be contained." He makes sense to himself.
    • Dr. Grant asks what species the little baby dino is. Why, it's a bloodthirsty Velociraptor of course.
    • Um, maybe don't breast feed this little one.
  • Scene 9

    Scene 9

    • At the raptor pen, an entire bull is lowered into the cage by crane.
    • Lots of roaring, rustling of leaves, panicked moos, and juicy noises ensue as the raptors eat their dinner.
    • Robert Muldoon, the game warden (a.k.a. pith helmet from the beginning) arrives to talk about raptors and how intelligent they are. We're intelligent enough to understand this is what they call "foreshadowing" in the movie biz.
  • Scene 10

    Scene 10

    • Time for dinner. Maybe it's leftovers from the raptors' lunch?
    • Dr. Sattler seems to have lost her appetite and Dr. Malcolm thinks Jurassic Park is very dangerous and against nature.
    • Hammond thinks that's a "Luddite attitude," though.
    • Dr. Sattler wonders how Hammond can control an extinct ecosystem.
    • Hammond appeals to Dr. Grant for an ally, but Grant doesn't have any idea about what to expect from dinosaurs and man trying to interact with each other.
    • This lovely dinner is interrupted by word that some visitors have arrived.
    • Hammond rushes out to greet them—it's his grandchildren, a boy and a girl.
    • Dr. Sattler is excited to see children, but Dr. Grant? Well, not so much.
  • Scene 11

    Scene 11

    • Some jazzy, automated, electric Jurassic Park transports show up to give everyone a tour.
    • Hammond's grandson, Tim, is a big Dr. Grant fan, and he talks Grants ear off as Grant tries to avoid him.
    • Meanwhile, Hammond returns to the control center, where they're monitoring a big scary storm.
    • Hammond gets Ray (played by Samuel L. Jackson) to start the tour. "Hold onto your butts," he says, initiating the program.
  • Scene 12

    Scene 12

    • And we're off on the tour. Tim and Lex, Hammond's granddaughter, ride with the lawyer, while Grant, Sattler, and Malcolm ride behind them.
    • "Welcome to Jurassic Park!" The park's giant gates open and let the automated vehicles inside.
    • First stop: Dilophosaurus—a dinosaur that spits venom at its prey. They're hidden in the jungle somewhere, but we're thinking maybe it's a good thing no one can see this "beautiful, but deadly addition" to the park.
    • In the control room, Ray complains about a glitch in the system, and Hammond yells at Dennis about it.
    • Dennis…Dennis…where have we seen him before…? Oh yeah—it's the fat guy from the beginning of the movie.
    • He chugs his Jolt cola and complains that he isn't getting paid enough for this job.
    • Ray and Dennis argue until Muldoon shuts them up—he wants to watch the vehicles approach the T. rex paddock.
  • Scene 13

    Scene 13

    • For our second stop on the tour, we visit the T. rex's pad. You'd think they'd save this for last, but we're not in theme park management, so what do we know?
    • The T. rex paddock is surrounded by flimsy cables, which, even though they're electrified, don't look like they'd deter a giant lizard at all.
    • Like the Dilophosaurus pen, this one is a disappointment, and there's no T. rex to be seen.
    • A goat in a little cage is raised into the pen to lure the T. rex. Lex, the vegetarian, is worried about the goat. Baa.
    • Grant isn't surprised the T. rex hasn't shown up. According to him, the dinosaur doesn't want to be fed; it wants to hunt.
    • Well, this is the most boring theme park ever.
    • Dr. Malcolm thinks this is the perfect example of chaos, "the unpredictability of complex systems."
    • He demonstrates to Dr. Sattler with an experiment.
    • He drops water on her hand and watches it roll off, then he drops another drop in the same place, but it rolls off a different way.
    • Grant leaps out of the van; to Malcolm, this is yet another example of chaos.
  • Scene 14

    Scene 14

    • Why did Grant jump from the van?
    • He saw a Triceratops, his favorite dinosaur from when he was a kid.
    • Everyone follows him into the jungle, where the poor dinosaur is lying on its side.
    • She's sick.
    • Dr. Sattler believes the illness is from the local plant life.
    • In order to find out what the dinosaur ate, she wants to examine the dino droppings.
    • Back in the control room, everyone is about to find themselves in an even bigger pile of dino doo—the big storm approaching is going to cut the tour short.
    • The Triceratops poop pile is taller than Dr. Malcolm, but Dr. Sattler dives right in.
    • Elbow deep in poop, she still can't figure out why the Triceratops is sick every six weeks.
    • As the storm approaches, Dr. Sattler stays with the Triceratops and everyone else returns to the vehicles.
  • Scene 15

    Scene 15

    • Dennis is ready to make his escape, but he only has a few minutes to make it to the boat before the storm hits.
    • He says he's going to the soda machine and rambles a lot about debugging the phones and compiling the system so it might go down a bit and no this doesn't sound suspicious at all.
    • Yep, all the door security systems soon shut down, giving Dennis Nedry an easy way into the cold storage embryo chamber, where he crams all the unborn dinos into his Barbasol can.
    • As thunder and lightning strike, the tour vehicles trundle back to the visitor's center…but they're electric, so they shut down, too. Uh-oh…this can't be good.
    • No, no, definitely not good. The electric fences go out, too.
    • Nedry manually opens the park gates and drives his Jeep inside.
    • Ray checks the status of the park at Nedry's workstation, relieved to discover the raptor fences are still on.
    • Seems he only needed to turn some of them off to make his escape to the dock.
    • Ray tries to access the main program grid, but Nedry has put in a blocking program.
    • Hammond wonders where the vehicles stopped…
    • There's a goat there, still waiting to be eaten…the T. rex must be hungry.
  • Scene 16

    Scene 16

    • Trapped in the vehicles, Grant checks all the radios, but none work.
    • Tim finds night vision goggles underneath the seat and puts them on.
    • But he doesn't need night vision goggles to hear the rumbling that's getting closer…
    • He crawls to the front of the vehicle, where he sees a glass of water on the dashboard ripple.
    • The attorney suggests it's the power trying to come back on, but even he doesn't believe that.
    • And, um, where did the goat go?
    • A bloody goat leg lands on the roof of the car—yuck—and here comes the T. rex, swallowing the rest of the goat whole.
    • The attorney runs away, leaving the kids behind, and hides in a nearby bathroom stall.
    • Snap, snap, snap, the not-so-secure security cables come down one by one, and the T. rex stomps its way out onto the roar…er…onto the road. The roaring is scary.
    • Grant tells Malcolm to keep still: "Its vision is based on movement."
    • Lex didn't read that memo, so she starts shining a light at the thing for some reason, luring it to their vehicle.
    • It nudges the side of the SUV, trying to flip it over.
    • That doesn't work, so it smashes right through the top of the car to try to get to its gooey center, i.e., the screaming kids.
    • The T. rex rolls the car over and stomps on it as the kids scream for help.
    • Finally, Dr. Grant decides to try to do something, so he grabs a flare out of the back of his vehicle and uses it to lure the dinosaur away.
    • He throws it into the pen, but then Dr. Malcolm, thinking he's helping, lights another and runs.
    • The T. rex knocks him into the bathroom, where the attorney is hiding on the toilet.
    • Chomp—the T. rex snaps him right off the john and eats him.
    • Grant pulls the kids from under the vehicle.
    • Covered in mud, Lex screams as the T. rex returns for dessert.
    • Grant tells her not to move because the T. rex can't see them if they're still.
    • It works, but the T. rex can see the car (which isn't moving) and it spins the car around, trying to get to Tim (who is also not moving).
    • Lex and Grant escape by rappelling over the edge of the pen on a cable.
    • They swing out of the way just in time for the car (with Tim inside) to fall, narrowly missing them and crashing into a tree below.
  • Scene 17

    Scene 17

    • Ray is tracking Nedry from the control room, where it seems Dr. Sattler has returned to safety.
    • Hammond asks Muldoon to take a gas Jeep to rescue the grandchildren, and Sattler goes with him.
    • Where's Nedry? Not watching the road, wherever he is. He drives off the road and gets stick in a muddy ravine.
    • He uncoils the Jeep's winch to attach it to a tree, but he slips and falls and loses his glasses like he's Velma from Scooby-Doo.
    • Winding the cable around a tree, he doesn't see the dinosaur bounce by. How bad are his eyes?
    • He sees the next one, though, a Dilophosaurus, peeking around a tree.
    • It follows him back to the car, where Nedry tosses a stick, thinking the dinosaur will chase it like a dog.
    • "I'm gonna run you over when I come back down," Nedry says.
    • Not so fast, says the dinosaur, when it extends its massive neck frills and vomits a green goop all over Nedry. Eww…
    • It hits him again right in the eyes before he can get back in the van, blinding him.
    • He falls over, and the Barbasol can is swept away in the ravine.
    • Nedry recovers and gets into the van…where the dinosaur is waiting for him.
    • Um, if the van is a rockin', do not go a-knocking….unless you want to be the Dilophosaurus's next victim.
  • Scene 18

    Scene 18

    • Elsewhere in the park, Grant has to climb a tree to free Tim from the car stuck in its branches.
    • Tim is safe in the car when Grant gets there, but he's sulking because he threw up.
    • Get over it kid, and get out of the car! That's what we'd say, but Dr. Grant is a little more encouraging.
    • Actually, there is no time to be encouraging since the car is about to fall right on top of them.
    • Instead of moving to the side, they descend the tree as fast as possible.
    • Even though Tim says he's never climbed trees, he's pretty good at it and they jump out of the way just as the car crashes to the ground.
    • Up at the top of the T. rex pen, Sattler and Muldoon arrive in their gas-powered Jeep.
    • Sattler finds parts of the lawyer in the wreckage of the bathroom.
    • Malcolm then groans, and they find him, too—and in one piece, no less. Fancy.
    • Sattler sees the other car at the bottom of the T. rex pen and goes down to investigate, but Grant and the kids are gone.
    • Muldoon and Sattler return just as the T. rex shows up.
    • They speed away when the dinosaur bursts through the trees and chases them.
    • "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" it says on the mirror. Yeah, we got that.
    • The Jeep manages to outrun the T. rex and get them to safety. The T. rex doesn't sound happy.
  • Scene 19

    Scene 19

    • Lost in the park, Grant and the kids climb a tree for safety. This one doesn't have car in it.
    • They watch dinosaurs singing. Tim identifies them first as a Brontosauruses, but since who knows if they exist or not, decides they're Brachiosauruses instead.
    • Grant says he'll stay awake all night to watch over the kids, and they fall asleep in the trees.
  • Scene 20

    Scene 20

    • Back in the visitor's center, Spielberg can't resist a panning shot of all sorts of amazing Jurassic Park merch before settling the camera on Hammond eating ice cream at a table.
    • Sattler says Malcolm is okay, and Hammond tells himself that Grant and the kids will be okay, too.
    • Hammond rambles on about a flea circus he invented as a kid. Not the same thing, dude, unless the fleas were the size of VW Beetles.
    • But Jurassic Park was supposed to be a place with things people could see and touch. (Um, don't touch the T. rex.)
    • Sattler yells at him, saying it's still all an illusion because they have no control over the dinosaurs. Clearly.
  • Scene 21

    Scene 21

    • Alan Grant is a liar. He fell asleep, even though he said he wouldn't, and a tree-climbing carnivore could have eaten them in the middle of the night.
    • But it didn't—phew—and instead he and the kids wake up safe when a Brachiosaurus leans in to eat some yummy tree leaves.
    • Lex gets up the nerve to touch the dinosaur, and it sneezes all over her. Yuck.
    • They hike through the park, when Dr. Grant finds a dinosaur egg. It's hatched, which means the dinosaurs are breeding.
    • Guess all the dinosaurs aren't girls anymore.
    • Grant explains that amphibians (the dinosaurs have frog DNA) can change sex in a single-sex environment. This may not be good news…
    • Sure, there are cute little wee dino tracks in the sand, but they won't be so cute once they grow large enough to eat people.
  • Scene 22

    Scene 22

    • To fix the damage Nedry caused, Hammond wants to shut down the entire system.
    • Ray opens up the cabinet and turns off all the switches, one by one.
    • When he flips the main switch back on, though, nothing happens.
    • The computer beeps, so Ray says it worked, even though everything is off.
    • He suggests they just need to reset the circuit breakers, which are of course in the maintenance shed. He'll just trek right over there. No big deal.
  • Scene 23

    Scene 23

    • Out in the park, Grant and the kids are caught in a Gallimimus stampede.
    • They run and hide behind a fallen tree, then they watch when the T. rex stomps up and eats one of the dinos. So that's why they were stampeding.
  • Scene 24

    Scene 24

    • Ray hasn't returned. Sattler wants to go get him.
    • "You can't just stroll down the road, you know?" Muldoon comments, even though it seems like that's exactly what Ray just attempted.
    • Muldoon arms himself with a big ol' shotgun to accompany Sattler to the maintenance shed.
    • Hammond, who needs to feel useful, stays behind to read the map and communicate with Sattler via radio.
    • On the way to the shed, they discover the Velociraptors have gotten out. Ruh-roh.
    • Near the shed, Muldoon says, "We're being hunted." Not by Elmer Fudd, but by Velociraptors.
    • He tells Sattler to run, so she does.
    • The shed is dark and quiet.
    • As Hammond leads Sattler to the power box, Grant and the kids reach an electric fence.
    • Don't whiz on that electric fence, guys, even if the power is off
    • The T. rex approaches, so they have to scale the fence as fast as possible—and it better be fast, because Sattler is approaching the circuit breakers.
  • Scene 25

    Scene 25

    • Oh no, Sattler isn't quickly approaching the circuit breakers—Hammond is incapable of reading a map and instead leads her to a dead end.
    • Malcolm takes the radio and tells Sattler to follow the piping.
    • She finds the giant power box and all its buttons.
    • First, Sattler must pump up the primer handle to charge the box, and then she needs to press a green button.
    • All the circuits come on, and the alarm on the fence starts to blare.
    • Tim, who climbed down a tree faster than a monkey on speed, is climbing down the fence super slowly.
    • For maximum dramatic effect, the "Perimeter Fence" button is the last one.
    • Grant tells Tim to jump, but he's too scared.
    • Sattler pushes the button, and the electricity blows Tim off the fence into Grant's arms.
    • He isn't breathing…
    • In the maintenance shed, a Velociraptor jumps out at Sattler. If Tim didn't just pee his pants, she definitely did.
    • She runs, shutting the dino behind a gate, and sags into a corner to catch her breath.
    • Ray lays a comforting hand on her shoulder. Ah…
    • Oh wait, it's not that comforting, because it's just a bloody stump. Ack. The raptors must have eaten the rest of him, like they did the movie's other black guy. Now that's a dead end.
  • Scene 26

    Scene 26

    • Chased by the raptor, Sattler runs out of the compound and pulls the gate closed behind her.
    • Muldoon is hunting wabbits…er…Velociraptors in the jungle.
    • He has one in his sights when another comes from the side. "Clever girl," he says, before it bites his face off.
    • Over by the electric fence, Grant gives Tim mouth to mouth, saving him.
    • They return safely to the visitor's center.
    • Grant leaves Tim and Lex alone in the dining area and goes off to find the others.
    • Tim and Lex help themselves to the smorgasbord of food on the tables.
    • Lex is enjoying her Jell-O, but things really start jiggling when she spots a raptor's silhouette behind a screen. There's always room for raptors.
    • She and Tim hide in the kitchen, while Grant finds Sattler outside.
    • Grant gets a shotgun to hunt down the two remaining raptors. Everyone else should be safe inside, "unless they've figured out how to open doors."
    • Um, they've figured out how to open doors. The raptor opens the kitchen door and calls for its hunting companion.
    • The two raptors hunt the children through the kitchen, but after a few close calls, the kids lock one raptor in the freezer and escape from the other, finding Sattler and Grant in the dining area.
    • They retreat to the control room, where the system still needs to be rebooted.
    • Grant and Sattler have to hold the door shut as the raptor tries to get in.
    • Lex, who has been completely useless up until this point, sits at the computer for the grooviest computer hacking sequence this side of 1995.
    • She flies through cyberspace and finds the right file to engage the door lock, shutting the raptor out. You go, girl.
  • Scene 27

    Scene 27

    • Grant calls Hammond to tell him the kids are fine and to get him to call for a helicopter.
    • He has to go when the raptor comes through the glass, though, and he doesn't even say goodbye.
    • The humans flee into the air vent. The raptor tries to crash the party, but Grant kicks it right in the snout.
    • Grant, Sattler, and the kids exit the air vent and end up atop the giant skeleton in the visitor's center atrium.
    • A raptor jumps onto it, breaking some of the cables.
    • Everyone swings helplessly on dinosaur bones suspended from the ceiling.
    • After a few seconds, everything falls to the ground, leaving them trapped between a raptor and a hard place…and the other raptor.
    • But an unlikely hero saves the day: The T. rex comes in and eats a raptor.
    • The raptor's BFF retaliates, jumping onto the T. rex, which flails around.
    • The humans run away, hopping into the Jeep as Hammond and Malcolm arrive. Grant says he's decided not to endorse this theme park of death. "So have I," says Hammond.
    • Inside, the T. rex flings the raptor aside, knocking down the banner, "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth." Which is right now.
    • Everyone who is still alive gets into the helicopter and flies off into a sparkling sunset. The end.