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Life Is Beautiful Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • The principal tells Dora and Rodolfo about a math problem they teach children in Germany. It involves figuring out how much the state would save if it euthanized the society's "undesirables."
  • Dora's shocked at how horrible it is. The principal's shocked, too, but only because the math is too difficult for seventh graders. Rodolfo simply laughs that the math is easy.
  • Welcome to Nazi-occupied Italy.
  • A cake is delivered to Dora's table with the phrase "Good morning, Princess" written on it. Dora starts looking around for Guido.
  • Rodolfo gives a speech about how he and Dora are childhood sweethearts, and that they're going to be married in April. Guido is paying so much attention to the Dora's sad face that he flips over a chair and spills his tray of ├ęclairs. No, no, not the ├ęclairs.
  • Guido spills another plate near Dora's table. He goes under the table to clean up the mess, and Dora meets him there.
  • She kisses him and asks him to take her away.

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