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Life Is Beautiful Scene 26

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Scene 26

Scene 26

  • A Nazi guard comes in and orders a group of prisoners to come with him. Guido's in the group, but Joshua stays hidden in the bunk bed.
  • They're sent to a room where a doctor inspects their health. Guido recognizes the man as Dr. Lessing.
  • Guido whispers the answer to Lessing's farewell riddle. Dr. Lessing recognizes him and says something to the guard.
  • Bartolomeo's relieved when Guido returns. Guido tells him that they're having a dinner at the camp with all the officials, and Dr. Lessing got him a gig as a waiter. Guido's hopeful his old friend will help them out.
  • He checks on Joshua and is scared to find him missing. He hears hiccups coming from under the bunk and pulls Joshua out.
  • Joshua explains that he heard a man crying that they make buttons and soap out of people in the camp and burn them in ovens.
  • Guido laughs off the notion as ridiculous, but he's visibly strained under the weight of the lie.
  • Joshua says he's done with this game. He wants to go home.
  • Guido promises they'll leave. As he walks to the door, he points out that they were so close to winning that tank.
  • Joshua decides to stay.

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