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Life Is Beautiful Scene 28

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Scene 28

Scene 28

  • At the dinner, Guido serves the Nazi officials while trying to have a word in private with Dr. Lessing. Meanwhile, Joshua quietly eats his dinner with the other children.
  • Joshua accidently thanks the waiter in Italian. The waiter goes to get the woman guard, but when they return, Guido's teaching all the children how to say thank you in Italian.
  • His quick thinking saves the day again, and the guard chastises him for speaking to the children.
  • Later in the dinner, Dr. Lessing signals Guido over by spilling his drink.
  • He asks Guido for help solving a riddle; he's lost days of sleep over it. He begs for Guido's help. Guido's too shocked to respond.
  • As the party winds down, Guido puts an opera on the phonograph and points the horn toward the women's side of the camp.
  • Dora stands at an open window and listens to the opera. (Meanwhile, in the neighboring Shawshank Prison, Morgan Freeman is still wondering what those Italian women are singing about.)

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