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Life Is Beautiful Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Guido and Ferruccio arrive at a house late at night. Guido explains that his Uncle Eliseo lives at the hotel where he's the head maĆ®tre. He uses his house for storage and is letting Guido and Ferruccio stay there.
  • As they approach the door, they hear the sound of breaking glass, and three young men run out.
  • Guido and Ferruccio rush inside and see Eliseo lying on the ground. They help him up and ask who they were. Eliseo mutters "barbarians."
  • Brushing off the attack, Eliseo gives them the grand tour of the house. The house looks like a freeform museum, and Eliseo speaks with the speed of a caffeine-hyped docent.
  • After a tour that would leave the Flash a few steps behind, Eliseo sees himself out.

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