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Life Is Beautiful Scene 30

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Scene 30

Scene 30

  • Guido wakes up to find the camp in chaos.
  • Bartolomeo explains that the war must be over and the Nazis are running away. He believes they're destroying the evidence of their atrocities.
  • Guido grabs Joshua and tells him the game is over as long as he isn't found tonight. He has the boy hide in that box thingy and tells him not to come out until no one's around.
  • Guido goes to the women's side of the camp. Disguised as a woman, vaguely, he searches the rooms for Dora but can't find her.
  • Seeing a truck driving away with women loaded in the back, he runs behind it shouting for Dora. A woman comes forward, but it isn't his wife.
  • He warns them all to jump out of the truck and flee.

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