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Life Is Beautiful Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Guido is training to be a waiter at the hotel. Eliseo gives him a situation, and Guido explains how he'll prepare a dish, help a customer, etc. In true Guido fashion, he makes it more complicated and energetic than it needs to be.
  • When it comes to bowing, Guido bows too low, and Eliseo reminds him that he's there to serve, not to be a servant. Serving is a supreme art.
  • Guido and Ferruccio are in bed in Eliseo's house, and Guido's amazed at Ferruccio's ability to fall asleep on command.
  • Ferruccio explains that he uses a trick he learned from the philosopher Schopenhauer. Using willpower, he thinks about being asleep, and then he's asleep.
  • (Do not try to use this an example of Schopenhauer in Phil 101.)
  • Guido tries it himself, and his loud version of willpower is able to instantly wake up Ferruccio. Amazing.

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