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Life Is Beautiful Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Guido and Ferruccio are walking down the street when they see Dora. She's talking to Rodolfo, who rolls up in a car coincidentally just like Ferruccio's.
  • As Dora walks by, Guido jumps out from behind Ferruccio with his trademark, "Good morning, Princess!"
  • Guido tries to set up a date, but Dora jokes that she likes it better when they meet suddenly. We like this gal's spunk.
  • At the hotel restaurant, Guido serves a meal of salmon, salad, and white wine to Dr. Lessing and says, "Obscurity." Dr. Lessing's astounded that Guido solved a riddle in five minutes. It took him eight days.
  • Guido offers his own riddle: "The dwarves and Snow White sit down for a bite. How fast can you guess what she serves her guests next?"
  • Dr. Lessing is so excited by the new riddle that he can't eat his dinner.
  • The concierge asks Guido if the kitchen is closed. A man from the ministry has arrived late and wants to eat. Guido says everyone's gone home, but the concierge convinces him to serve the man with the promise of a big tip.
  • Using his quick wit, Guido convinces the man that he wants the salmon and a salad with a white wine.
  • Guido grabs the meal Dr. Lessing refused to eat and serves the man in record time. The guy's amazed at the quick service.
  • Speaking with the man, Guido learns he's a government inspector and he has to go to Dora's school tomorrow. Guido starts hatching a plan.

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