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Life Is Beautiful Perseverance

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Guido's got perseverance for days. Whatever he chooses to do, he's determined to succeed. Seriously, does this guy just have "Gonna Fly Now" playing on loop in his head? Well, we guess that's better than having "MMMBop" stuck in—dang, there it is. We're going to be hearing that all day now.

Torturous earworms aside, the idea of perseverance is introduced in Life is Beautiful as willpower. Guido shows this time and again. He wins the love of Dora and protects his son in the concentration camp. Other characters show perseverance, too, but not always in ways as benevolent as Guido. Looking your way, Dr. Lessing.

Questions About Perseverance

  1. Other than Guido, name a character who perseveres for one they love. How does this character's perseverance help us understand this theme in the film?
  2. What does the perseverance of the Nazis and/or Dr. Lessing tell you about the story's exploration of this theme? What drives their perseverance?
  3. In his final moments, do you think Guido continues to persevere or does he give up? Why and how does this help you understand the theme's use in the film?

Chew on This

Perseverance isn't always a good thing, especially if what you're relentless about is persecuting and murdering people.

Guido's perseverance in keeping up the pretense of a game for his little son is, well…we can't even.

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