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The Lion King Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Simba and Nala head to the extremely creepy-looking elephant graveyard, only to find they've been trailed by Zazu the entire time.
  • They have a run-in with the hyenas—Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed—who threaten to eat them but then get so distracted by the puns they're making that they let their prey get away.
  • Nala and Simba escape, but the hyenas manage to catch up with and capture Zazu. They're trying to boil him in a soup when Simba comes back in an attempt to rescue him.
  • The hyenas give chase, and eventually Simba and Nala find themselves trapped in a cave. Luckily, Mufasa shows up to rescue them.
  • Mufasa takes the gang home, and the camera pans up to reveal— gasp!—Uncle Scar watching from a ledge in the cave.

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