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The Lion King Coming of Age

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Coming of Age

Ah, coming of age. Who doesn't want to grow up? Oh, everyone? Okay, then. Sorry for asking.

But seriously, The Lion King is in many ways the story of Simba's maturation from impetuous young cub to grown-up. When Simba is young, his father's wisdom is confusing to him. But as he grows up, he gets a better handle on all that crazy stuff his dad said, and what it actually means. (Kind of like how the older you get, the more the stuff your parents say makes sense. Spooky, right?)

In the moment that Simba defeats his conniving uncle, he's fully mastered what it means to be a just and responsible king. Only then is he ready to assume his place on Pride Rock and start his own family.

Questions About Coming of Age

  1. In what ways is young Simba different from adult Simba?
  2. How does Simba's time with Timon and Pumbaa help him grow up?
  3. How did the trauma of Simba's childhood shape him?

Chew on This

As Simba grows up, he learns that the world is more complicated than he first thought but that doesn't necessarily make it less manageable.

Although Simba must face some difficult realities as a child, he remains invested in the idea that good can ultimately avenge evil.

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