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The Lion King Principles

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Principles—otherwise known as a moral code of conduct—are very important to the ruling family in The Lion King. Mufasa is basically Captain Principles, reminding his son of how to effect justice and goodness in the world.

Keep in mind: principles (specifically, who's got them and who doesn't) are a powerful way of distinguishing good from evil in The Lion King. The good characters have a unique understanding of the universe and its machinations, and they strive to respect all things. The evil characters, on the other hand, could care less.

Questions About Principles

  1. What principles are part of Simba's education?
  2. Which characters adhere to a set of moralistic principles? Which don't?
  3. What happens when the principles of the Pride Lands are abandoned?

Chew on This

The Lion King adheres to a moral code which involves the fair and just treatment of all living things.

In The Lion King, the good principles of one character tend to positively affect other characters close to him or her.

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