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Lost in Translation What's Up With The Title?

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What's Up With The Title?

The Greeks have a beautiful word, parea, that describes a group of pals who get together solely to discuss their experiences, values, and ideas. As in, "Hey, Brad. Call Tiffany. We're getting the parea back together!"

Yeah… it loses a little something in the translation, doesn't it?

That's what we think the title Lost in Translation is all about: the way that meaning is shaved off as ideas move from culture to culture, and even from person to person.

After 25 years of marriage, for example, the love that Bob and Lydia had when they were yukking it up together on his film sets isn’t really translating to middle age and raising a couple of kids.

Similarly, Charlotte struggles to translate all the philosophizin' skills that she picked up at Yale to a real-world career. Both Bob and Charlotte feel isolated from the world around them in general. Whenever they try to hear or be heard, it’s like they’re speaking a foreign language to the people they (supposedly) love.

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