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Lost in Translation Fandoms

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Lost in Translation has one of the weirdest, most charmingly retro fan sites out there: You know, because Bob and Charlotte both can't sleep.

The site founded way back in 2004, right after the film's release. Here's why we totally think you should check it out:

  • Somebody's translated what the director of the Suntory commercial is actually saying when he gives all those long speeches that Bob's interpreter boils down to "He want you to turn, look in camera."
  • There's an exhaustive, yet somehow still incomplete soundtrack listing. Maybe you could help them fill in the gaps.
  • Somebody's created a "timeline multivariate analysis" that lines up what Bob and Charlotte are doing each day covered in the movie, both together and apart.
  • Free LiveJournal icons.
  • Fan Forums.

That's right: This Lost in Translation (LiT, for short) fan site is over a decade old, and its fan forums are still active. The only question that remains is: are you awake?

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