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Lost in Translation Summary

Lost in Translation Summary

Bob Harris is in Tokyo to shoot a commercial for Suntory whisky. He's an American movie star, but nowadays, he feels like a has-been. He feels distant from his wife and kids; he's lonely and lost.

Meanwhile, recent Yale grad Charlotte is staying at the same Tokyo hotel with her husband John, who's in town on business as a photographer. She's equally isolated and spends a lot of time sitting in the window of her Park Hyatt room, watching the bustling city below like a strawberry blonde gargoyle.

On his first full day in Tokyo, Bob and Charlotte spot each other in the hotel elevator. To be fair, he's kind of hard to miss since he's a foot taller than everyone else. She smiles. Then he leaves to shoot the Suntory commercial. On set, he feels confused and frustrated as the director rattles off lengthy instructions that Bob's interpreter boils down to simple things like how he should turn his head to the right.

That same day, Charlotte visits a temple. Afterward, she calls a friend back in the states, trying to hold back tears. She's concerned that she didn't feel anything when she watched the monks chanting, and she feels like she doesn't know who she married. For starters, John's started using hair products. Oh, the horror.

The following afternoon, Bob does a photo shoot for Suntory. That evening, he and Charlotte catch each other's eyes again across the hotel bar. She has the waiter bring Bob her table's snack mix. He waves his thanks and leaves, snack mix in hand.

The next day, Charlotte and John bump into Kelly, a vapid actress that John knows from work. Back in the room, she listens to a soul-searching audio book on CD. Then she takes a walk around the hotel: she pops in to listen to Kelly field questions about the action pic she's in town to promote and drops in on some flower arranging. When she can't sleep that night, she goes down to the hotel bar, where she meets Bob, for real, for the first time.

Charlotte spends the next day wandering around Tokyo. That night, she and John meet Kelly and Kelly's friend for drinks in the hotel bar. Charlotte's bored out of her gourd. She spots Bob at the bar and joins him. They joke about planning a prison break.

The following night, Bob goes out on the town with Charlotte and her friend Charlie Brown (not that Charlie Brown). They go to a bar and a house party, then they warble out some karaoke. At the end of a very late, very fun night, Bob carries a sleeping Charlotte back to her room and tucks her in. He has the next day off (phew!), and spends part of it golfing in the shadow of Mt. Fuji.

At lunch the next day, Charlotte shows Bob her injured toe and he jokingly blows it up into a big deal. He takes her to the emergency room and generally makes a big fuss about her; she gets X-rays. That night, they meet up with Charlie Brown again at a club. It turns out to be a strip club, so Bob and Charlotte bolt, opting instead to run around the streets of Tokyo together. Late that night when they both can't sleep, they hang out in Bob's room. They watch an old movie on TV, then talk about marriage, kids—you know, casual, fun topics.

Charlotte says she's stuck; Bob tells her she's not hopeless.

The next day, Bob films a late-night talk show appearance. That night, he drinks one too many and sleeps with the lead singer of the hotel bar band, Sausalito. When Charlotte stops by his room the following morning, she hears the singer singing in the background. They meet for a tense and super-awkward lunch, but make up when they're both forced outside in their jammies that night because the Park Hyatt's fire alarm is going off.

On Bob's last day in Tokyo, he and Charlotte say their goodbyes in the hotel lobby as the Suntory execs hang out nearby. Bob's car takes him to the airport; Charlotte heads out into the city for the day. On his way to catch his flight, Bob sees Charlotte walking in the crowd and has the driver pull over. He chases her down, kisses her, and whispers something in her ear that we can't hear. "Okay," Charlotte replies with a tearful smile. He kisses her again, then heads back to his car.

In the car, Bob's all smiles as he winds his way out of Tokyo. What did he say?

  • Scene 1

    Scene 1

    • We open on, well, it's a butt. More specifically, it's Charlotte's butt. In lacy underwear.

    • Cut to Bob Harris in the backseat of a car. He's drowsy, and he's being driven through Tokyo at night. The city is busy, bright, and crowded. He passes a billboard ad for whisky featuring none other than…Bob Harris.
    • At the Park Hyatt Hotel, Bob meets with a team from Suntory whisky led by a pleasant woman named Kawasaki. He says he's heard of her before. Gotta love that Japanese motorcycle humor.
    • The Suntory execs give Bob gifts and they all make plans to meet in the morning. Looks like he's here to shoot some more ads.
    • Someone from the hotel staff hands Bob a fax. It's a note from his wife, Lydia, that reads: "You forgot Adam's birthday. I'm sure he'll understand. Have a good trip."
    • Bob rides the elevator. It's filled with Japanese men; Bob's a foot taller than all of them.
    • In the lobby, Bob's greeted warmly by just about everybody he passes. Maybe this isn't the first time he's participated in the grand tradition of American celebrities escaping to Japan to hawk products they'd never shill for in the States.
    • We get a quick shot of Bob sitting on the edge of his bed, wide awake; then we cut to the hotel bar. An American cover band is playing some tunes, and Bob's perched at the bar, drinking whisky and smoking a cigar.
    • Two fan-bros recognize him and geek out; turns out Bob's a bona fide movie star. They gush, he leaves.
    • Bob lays in bed in the middle of the night, still wide awake. The fax machine in his room loudly whirs to life. It's another missive from his wife; this time, she wants to know what kind of shelves he wants. Bob stays in bed.
    • Cut to Charlotte sitting in the window of her hotel room, looking at the city below. Her husband, John, snores loudly in the nearby bed.
    • She gets back in bed and asks John if he's awake. He tells her to go to sleep, and they snuggle up. Then he starts snoring again, and she bolts.
  • Scene 2

    Scene 2

    • Mornin', Bob. The curtains in his hotel room zip open automatically.
    • The shower turns on automatically, too, and its head's too short for Bob to get under. He struggles to take a shower.
    • Oh, culture clash. You're so wacky.
    • Over in Charlotte and John's room, John leaves in a rush for work while Charlotte's still in bed. After he's gone, she resumes her perch in the window like a twentysomething gargoyle.
    • Cut to Bob and Charlotte in the hotel elevator. Once again, he's taller than everybody. (She's not.) He makes eyes at her. She smiles.
    • Next, we're on set with Bob. He's shooting an ad for Suntory whisky. He's in a tux, and the set looks like we imagine the library in “Clue.” Think heavy furniture and dark wood.
    • The director gives Bob lengthy instructions in Japanese which Bob's translator sums up in one sentence: He wants Bob to turn and look at the camera.
    • Bob can't believe that's all the director just said. Frankly, neither can we; dude was talking forever.
    • Bob asks from which direction he should turn: right or left. Again, his translator rattles off about a paragraph of text to the director in Japanese, who responds with his own paragraph. Then the translator tells Bob he should turn from the right.
    • Now Bob really can't believe that was everything that was said.
    • His translator assures him that that was it, and they shoot the first take. Bob turns toward the camera and suavely delivers his line: "For relaxing times, make it Suntory time."
    • The director screams "Cut-to!" and rushes over to Bob. He unleashes another stream of passionate Japanese that Bob, obviously, does not understand.
    • The translator boils the direction down to "slower, and with more intensity." All righty then.
    • Take Two: Bob slows it down. Again, the director screams "Cut-to!"
    • We cut to Charlotte in the subway station. She takes a train to a temple outside the city and watches monks chant.
    • Back in her hotel room, she calls her friend Lauren, holding back tears. She tells Lauren that she saw some monks chanting, but she didn't feel anything. She's tried Ikebana. John's using hair products all of a sudden. It's like she doesn't know who she married.
    • Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, BTW.
    • Lauren's all sorts of distracted and doesn't really hear what Charlotte's saying, let alone detect the super-obvi tears in her voice.
    • Charlotte says she's fine, and she'll call Lauren later. Lauren says that's awesome and to call her when she's back in the States. Charlotte hangs up and cries for a moment before pulling herself together.
    • Charlotte puts on lipstick and studies herself in the mirror. She imagines what she'd look like with shorter hair. She sprawls out on the bed. She hangs paper flowers from the ceiling of her hotel room. This girl is bored.
    • We bounce ahead to John and Charlotte in the hotel room later that day. John's packing up his camera equipment. He complains about the director on the music video shoot he's photographing; the director wants to toughen up the band's image. John thinks he should just let the guys in the band be the skinny nerds that they are.
    • John's kind of a skinny nerd, so that checks out.
    • Charlotte wants to know if the scarf's she's been knitting looks done. John says he doesn't know, then chastises her for smoking.
    • She says she likes it, she doesn't really do it that much, and she'll stop later. She sounds like a kid talking about cracking their knuckles or throwing fireworks down the sewer.
  • Scene 3

    Scene 3

    • Bob rolls up to the Park Hyatt in a town car at dusk. This whole movie feels like it takes place at dusk.
    • In his room, Bob sits on the bed and watches TV in Japanese. As he channel-surfs, he comes across a flick that stars him. And a chimpanzee.
    • It looks like it's from the late '70s or early '80s based on the old footage of Bill Murray that the movie's repurposing.
    • There's a knock at the door. It's a middle-aged Japanese woman. Mr. Kazu sent Bob a "premium fantasy," and she's it.
    • She asks Bob if he wants a massage; he says he doesn't think he likes massages anymore.
    • Then she wants Bob to rip her stockings, but her accent makes it sounds like she's saying "lip." Bob can't understand her, and she starts berating him.
    • Once he understands that she's saying "rip," he obliges, but as soon as he tries to rip them, she starts flailing around and falls on the floor, flopping like a dead fish in mock-outrage that he wants to rip her stockings, and screaming at him to let her go, even though he's nowhere near her.
    • The whole time Bob's like "What. Is. Happening??"
    • Cut to Bob eating alone by the window of a high-rise restaurant.
    • Charlotte's on the streets of Tokyo. It's a rainy day, a sea of umbrellas. As she walks the crowded streets, she takes it all in.
  • Scene 4

    Scene 4

    • Bob meets with Kawasaki and the other Suntory execs at the hotel again. They want to know if he can stay until Friday; he's been invited to be a guest on a late-night talk show—the Johnny Carson of Japan. Bob says he'll have to check with his agent; he may have a previous commitment.
    • (Before all the late-night hosts were named Jimmy or James, there were Jay Leno and David Letterman, and before Jay and Dave there was the undisputed legend of late-night, Johnny Carson, who helmed The Tonight Show from 1962 to 1992.)
    • Bob argues with his agent, Fred, on the phone while he gets his makeup touched up on the Suntory set.
    • Fred thinks Bob should stick around for the talk show; Bob doesn't want to. The call starts breaking up, but it sounds like Fred may've won. We'll see.
    • Bob's in a tux again, sitting on a stool and holding a glass of iced tea that's a stand-in for whisky. This time it's a photo shoot, not a commercial shoot.
    • Bob's a little hostile and sarcastic with, Naka, the photographer. Naka wants Bob to channel the Rat Pack and James Bond, and he keeps telling Bob to put his hand close to his face for some reason.
    • As Bob flies through cheesy pose after cheesy pose, he basically looks like he's in hell, and not just because the photographer asked him to channel Roger Moore and not Sean Connery.
    • Back at the hotel bar, the American cover band is bringing the funk with their cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "Scarborough Fair".
    • Just kidding. That song's the least funky thing in the history of the world.
    • Bob's at the bar; Charlotte's at a table. They make eye contact: in fact, Bob rolls his, making fun of the band's overwrought cover.
    • Charlotte cracks up. It is a pretty terrible cover. When it's over, the audience applauds. Bob snaps like they're at a poetry slam circa 1993.
    • We learn from the crimson-haired lead singer that the band is called Sausalito. Good to know.
    • Charlotte asks the waiter to send the bowl of bar mix from her table over to Bob. He does. Bob drinks the bowl of snacks like a shot, then nods in appreciation as he leaves the bar. Charlotte smiles.
    • In the elevator, Bob surveys his reflection in the mirrored doors. He cracks a smile.
    • Later that night, Bob battles an uncontrollable stair climber machine in the hotel gym that seems intent on flinging him across the room or out the nearby window. The struggle is real, Bob.
  • Scene 5

    Scene 5

    • The next morning, Bob meets Kawasaki and the Suntory execs in the lobby again. They exchange hellos and head straight for a waiting town car.
    • Charlotte and John are heading out for the day, too—together, for once—and they bump into Kelly, an American actress John knows.
    • While John and Kelly exchange excited "OMG"s and explain what in the world they're doing there, Charlotte looks at them both like they're Martians.
    • John finally introduces Kelly to Charlotte. Charlotte doesn't seem very impressed; Kelly's surprised that John has a wife.
    • Then, out of nowhere, Kelly apologizes for having "the worst B.O. right now" and Charlotte kind of looks like she wants to barf.
    • Kelly tells John to call her. They should get together for a drink while they're all in Tokyo.
    • She, like many celebrities, is registered in the hotel under a fake name. Hers is Evelyn Waugh, the famous English author of Brideshead Revisited. Except she pronounces it "Eh-ve-lyn," and doesn't seem to know that Evelyn Waugh was a man.
    • When Charlotte points this out because she thinks it's funny, John doesn't appreciate it and accuses her of being a snobby Yale grad.
    • We appreciate it. It is pretty funny.
    • Wait? Are we snobs??
    • Turns out John's the only one leaving for the day. He says adios to Charlotte, and then we cut to her back in their hotel room again, listening to an audiobook about finding your destiny.
    • Later that day, Charlotte wanders around the hotel and into a conference room where Kelly's holding a press conference about the new action movie she's there to promote. It's called Midnight Velocity, a name so meaningless that they could've just as easily called it Action Movie McCar Boom.
    • Charlotte smiles at Kelly's vapid answers to the journalists' questions, then leaves and wanders into a room where women are arranging flowers.
    • Cut to Charlotte in the bathtub. She has headphones on and she gazes out the window, the picture of alienation.
  • Scene 6

    Scene 6

    • Charlotte's in bed, so of course she's wide awake. John sleeps beside her. Why is he the only one without jet lag?
    • She turns on the TV.
    • We cut to Bob. He's doing the exact same thing.
    • Charlotte walks down the hallway; meanwhile, Bob's already in the bar, talking to one of the servers. Charlotte rolls up and takes the seat next to him.
    • Bob and Charlotte get to know each other. He says he's in Tokyo, taking a break from his wife and forgetting his birthday. No, really, he's there getting paid two million bucks to promote a whisky when he should be doing a play somewhere.
    • Charlotte explains that she's there with her husband. She just graduated from college in the spring with a degree in philosophy.
    • What else… We learn that Charlotte and John have been married for two years; Bob's been married for 25. Also, Charlotte and Bob both wish they could sleep, which is fine and all, but if they sleep, there wouldn't be much of a movie, would there?
  • Scene 7

    Scene 7

    • Bob's hanging out in the hotel pool, doing laps, and watching a bunch of older ladies do water aerobics to pop music.
    • Charlotte wanders through an arcade and looks at all the video games. In a word, she's bemused. In nine words, it looks like she's never seen Guitar Hero before.
    • Back at the Park Hyatt, Charlotte and John hug it out. It's unclear, but it seems like he just got back from work.
    • John says he has to meet Kelly downstairs for drinks. He's surprised when Charlotte says she'll go, too.
    • At the hotel bar, Kelly's holding court and dispelling any rumors that she's anorexic. Then she says her Dad is anorexic because he was taken prisoner during the Bay of Pigs Invasion.
    • Charlotte spots Bob across the bar and sees her opportunity to bolt. We don't blame her. For starters, Kelly pronounces Cuba "KOO-buh."
    • Still, Charlotte hangs on at the table. Kelly's friend beatboxes for her. Again, she looks at Bob. He mimes being bored to death.
    • Finally, Charlotte excuses herself, and goes over to say "hey" to Bob.
    • Bob jokingly tells Charlotte he's trying to organize a prison break. First, they're going to break out of the bar. Then the hotel, then the city, then the country.
    • She's in.
  • Scene 8

    Scene 8

    • It's morning. John's getting ready to leave for work for a couple days. He and Charlotte both halfheartedly agree that Charlotte will have a way better time if she stays in Tokyo while he goes wherever he's going. He's once again wearing sweatbands for some reason.
    • Charlotte sits in her hotel room window once again, looking at the city below. Later, she goes for an evening dip in the pool. On her way back to her room, she bumps into Bob, who's also wearing a stylish, hotel-issue robe, just like her.
    • Charlotte invites Bob to come out with her and her friends later, and he accepts.
    • Back in his hotel room, Bob cracks open a FedEx package from his wife, Lydia. It's carpet samples. Which one does he like? She likes burgundy. Great. They all look burgundy.
    • Charlotte gets ready in her bathroom. Bob shows up. He's wearing a hideous yellow and orange camouflage T-shirt.
    • Charlotte laughs, and says he must really be having a mid-life crisis. Bob turns his shirt inside out. She cuts off the tag for him, and they head out into the night together.
    • Charlotte and Bob meet up with Charlotte's friend Charlie Brown at a crowded bar. No, that's not his real name.
    • Bob talks to some random guy in French. Charlotte approaches and sits down. Just then, Charlie Brown gets into an argument with the bartender, who whips out a BB gun and starts firing at them. Like you do.
    • Charlie Brown, Bob, Charlotte, and another friend all run for it. BB Gun Bartender chases them down the street.
    • Charlie Brown's friend—let's just call him Snoopy—flings a glass bottle at the bartender.
    • Charlotte leads Bob through an arcade full of slot machines and out the other side. They finally feel safe from the BB gun-totin' bartender, and then meet back up with Charlie Brown and Snoopy.
    • Next, they hit a house party. Bob listens to some guy's story about surfing, then they all dance to Phoenix.
    • Karaoke time: Charlie Brown sings the Sex Pistols' "God Save the Queen." No offense, but he's no Johnny Rotten.
    • Bob's turn. He knocks out Elvis Costello's "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding."
    • Next, Charlotte, in a pink bob wig, does a flirty version of The Pretenders' "Brass in Pocket."
    • Bob's up again. This time it's Bryan Ferry's "More Than This." Charlotte watches him croon about how there's nothing more than this; he catches her eye. Pretty sure they’re sharing a moment here, y'all.
    • Charlotte takes a smoke break in the hallway outside the karaoke room. Bob joins her and silently bums a drag from her cigarette. She rests her head on his shoulder.
    • After that we get a montage of the streets of Tokyo late at night, Charlotte's view from the cab ride home. Bob sleeps in the back sit next to her.
    • At the hotel, now she's asleep, and Bob carries her to her room. He puts her in her bed, takes off her shoes, and tucks her in. She wakes up and smiles. Bob turns out the light and leaves.
    • As he walks back to his room, he actually looks happy for once.
    • Back in his room, Bob calls Lydia. He seems a little drunk, or maybe it's just the fact that it's 4:00 a.m. Maybe both.
    • Bob tells her she was right about the burgundy carpet. Then he tells her about his night, and how he went to a house she would've loved and met some Japanese surfers.
    • Lydia's getting their kids ready for school; she doesn't sound like she's in the mood to hear about how much fun he's having in Japan running around the streets in the middle of the night.
    • Bob regrets calling her.
  • Scene 9

    Scene 9

    • Bob's at the golf course, golfing by himself as Mt. Fuji looms large in the distance. This must be his day off.
    • Cut to Bob and Charlotte having lunch. He tells her about how a recent shiatsu massage left him in more pain than he started with. She's shows him her injured toe.
    • We can't see the offending toe, but if what Bob says is true, it's a dead, black toe. He lays down an ultimatum: she either lets him take her to see a doctor, or they cut it off right there in the restaurant because, in Japan, somebody would probably want to eat it. Predictably, the nearby chef is not amused.
    • At the hospital, Bob forces Charlotte to ride around in a wheelchair. They're having a grand ol' time.
    • The man at the front desk doesn't speak English. They don't speak Japanese. He gives them lots of directions, but they're at a loss.
    • Bob and Charlotte must do something right, though, because the next thing we see is Charlotte getting her foot X-rayed. Meanwhile, Bob hangs out in the waiting room next to a little old man who speaks at length in Japanese, trying to get Bob to understand him.
    • The doctor goes over Charlotte's X-ray with her in Japanese, too.
    • Charlotte's released, and Bob greets her with a giant stuffed animal. It's unclear what the final diagnosis is, but now Charlotte's sporting a fashionable bandage on her toe.
    • Back at the hotel, she looks through selfies of her and John, while Bob putts in his room.
  • Scene 10

    Scene 10

    • Through voice-over, we hear Charlotte leave Bob a voicemail. She's meeting Charlie Brown and the boys at a club called Orange at 10:00. She'll fax Bob a map, and she hopes he'll meet up with them.
    • Fax him a map? Did this movie come out in 2003 or 1993?
    • Bob rolls up at Orange. Turns out it's a strip club. He waits for Charlotte, and looks super-uncomfortable.
    • Charlie Brown gets a lap dance in the other room. When Charlotte shows up, they're both like, "We need to get out of here ASAP," and they leave.
    • Bob and Charlotte run through the streets of Tokyo hand-in-hand. Why are they running? Your guess is as good as ours. A billboard for Suntory featuring Bob rolls past. They soak it in.
    • They arrive at the Park Hyatt, where Kelly's warbling through "Nobody Does It Better, "a.k.a. the theme from The Spy Who Loved Me, in the bar.
    • It's worth pointing out that The Spy Who Loved Me features Roger Moore as James Bond. Sorry, Bob.
    • Bob and Charlotte slowly walk past, trying to go undetected. Charlotte wears Bob's sport coat. Once they pass out of Kelly's sight, they start running again. Charlotte laughs hysterically.
    • Cut to Charlotte in bed. It's the middle of the night, and she can't sleep.
    • She moves to the couch, and sits there, staring off into space, when a note is slid under her door. It's from Bob. He wants to know if she's awake.
    • Bob and Charlotte hang out in Bob's room, watching an old movie and splitting a bottle of wine. They reminisce about the first time they saw each other.
    • Charlotte thinks it was in the bar, when Bob was wearing a tux and mascara after a shoot; she gives him a hard time about the mascara. He tells her that it was actually in the elevator, and gives her a hard time about how little she smiles.
    • After the movie, they lay in bed and talk. It's not romantic or sexual, but it is really intimate. Charlotte says she's stuck; she doesn't know what she's supposed to do with her life.
    • They also talk about marriage. Charlotte wants to know if it gets easier. Bob says he and Lydia used to have fun, but kids change everything, not necessarily in a bad way. Your old life disappears the day they're born, but they're also your favorite people you'll ever meet.
    • Bob reassures Charlotte that she's not hopeless. She's curled up, not exactly in the fetal position. He puts a hand on her feet. Aw.
  • Scene 11

    Scene 11

    • Charlotte rides the bullet train to Kyoto and visits Heian Shrine and Nanzenji Temple. She walks around, soaking it all in, including a pair of newlyweds in traditional newlywed clothing.
    • Back at the hotel, Bob tries to shave with the tiny complimentary razor. The front desk calls; there's a fax for him. He asks them to just shove it under his door. He heads down to the lobby and sneaks out behind Kawasaki and the Suntory execs.
    • Once he's out on the streets of Tokyo, he calls Kawasaki and tells her he'd love to extend his stay and do the late-night talk show they discussed early.
    • Gee, we wonder why?
    • Then he pulls out a map, with a note from Charlotte on it, probably the fax from the other night. Now we can't even sarcastically pretend to wonder why.
    • Cut to the talk show set. It's bright and colorful and totally bananas. The host is super-animated—some might say "obnoxious"—and, after a lengthy intro, he does a welcome dance for Bob. Bob seems kind of low-energy.
    • In the car on the way back to the hotel, Bob looks at a candid photo of Charlotte and some random lady that was probably taken on their night out.
    • As he takes a soak, his phone rings. It's Lydia. The burgundy carpet is going to take 12 weeks.
    • Bob's over the carpet discussion. He tells her he's lost. He wants to take better care of himself. He wants to stop eating so much pasta, for example; he wants to eat more Japanese food. Lydia says he can stay there forever and eat all the Japanese food he wants.
    • Bob asks how the kids are doing. Lydia says they're fine. They miss him, sure, but they're used to him not being there. Then she wants to know if she should be worrying about Bob. "Only if you want to," he says.
    • After a quick trip to the sauna, Bob watches his appearance on the talk show in his room.
    • Later at the bar, Bob's on his usual perch, drink and cigar in hand. The lead singer from Sausalito finishes her set and joins him.
    • "Hi," she says, with all the seductive power that the lead singer of an American cover band performing in a Japanese hotel bar can harness. So, meh.
    • Cut to the next morning. Bob wakes up to see a bottle of champagne and two glasses on the ledge. The singer walks past in her bath robe, singing.
    • Uh oh.
    • Charlotte knocks at the door. She wants to know if Bob's up for sushi. He is, but not right now. She assumes he just overdid it with the Suntory last night, but then she hears the Sausalito singer doing her thing. Charlotte is visibly bummed and leaves.
    • Bob walks down the street. Lydia calls. She reminds Bob when their daughter Zoe's ballet recital is (he knows) and says she'll see him soon.
    • Bob meets Charlotte at the sushi place. It's not a pleasant meal. Charlotte's upset with Bob, and makes fun of his age. He makes fun of her need for attention.
    • That night at the Park Hyatt, the fire alarm sounds off. The guests all file outside in their jammies and robes. Bob sees Charlotte. They agree that it was the worst lunch ever and make up.
    • Bob says he's leaving tomorrow. Charlotte says she'll miss him. Then she scopes out his open-toed slippers. His feet are way too big for them.
    • Bob and Charlotte sit together in the hotel bar later that same night, coats over their pajamas. They stare at each other while the bar band covers Atlanta Rhythm Section's "So into You." Bob and Charlotte are taking it pretty literally.
    • Bob and Charlotte ride up in the elevator. They part with an awkward goodnight kiss that's a weird peck on the half lips, half cheek. Guess that's that.
  • Scene 12

    Scene 12

    • It's morning. Bob looks out the window of his hotel room, then looks at his watch.
    • Over in her room, Charlotte's in the shower. A fax comes in. It's a drawing from John that says he misses her and can't wait to see her tonight.
    • Bob meets with hotel staff in the lobby. It's time to head to the airport. He says he needs a minute, and goes over to the house phone. He leaves Charlotte a voicemail that say he's leaving now. Oh, and he wants his jacket back, but since she's not there, he guesses he's never getting it back, and so this is goodbye, and she should enjoy the jacket that she stole from him.
    • Bob returns to the lobby and thanks Kawasaki and her crew for being such good hosts. He's interrupted by a leggy blonde who's a big fan.
    • Just then, Charlotte enters the lobby. She has his jacket. OHTHANKGOD.
    • They say their goodbyes, short and sweet, while the Suntory gang waits. Then Bob and the Suntory peeps take some group photos. Bob watches Charlotte leave. He looks crushed.
    • Bob rides in the car to the airport, still looking like his dog died. They stop at a light, and he spots Charlotte in the distance, walking in the crowd. He tells the driver to wait, and hops out of the car.
    • He follows Charlotte, and eventually catches up to her. "Hey you," he says.
    • Then he grabs her and hugs her. Her eyes well up. He whispers in her ear, and she replies, "Okay."
    • What does he whisper? Nobody knows. Yes, movie fans find it maddening.
    • Bob kisses Charlotte, a real kiss this time. Then they exchange "byes" once more, and Bob starts heading back to his car. He's ecstatic. Seriously; It's the happiest he's looked all movie.
    • Charlotte continues on, too, but not before looking back after Bob. She smiles, too.
    • Bob gets back in the car, and they take off. He looks exhilarated, alive. BUT WHAT DID HE WHISPER??
    • We follow him on his drive to the airport for a minute or two, catching all sorts of scenic shots of Tokyo, but WHO CARES? WHAT DID BOB TELL CHARLOTTE?
    • Fade to black.