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Lost in Translation Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Charlotte rides the bullet train to Kyoto and visits Heian Shrine and Nanzenji Temple. She walks around, soaking it all in, including a pair of newlyweds in traditional newlywed clothing.
  • Back at the hotel, Bob tries to shave with the tiny complimentary razor. The front desk calls; there's a fax for him. He asks them to just shove it under his door. He heads down to the lobby and sneaks out behind Kawasaki and the Suntory execs.
  • Once he's out on the streets of Tokyo, he calls Kawasaki and tells her he'd love to extend his stay and do the late-night talk show they discussed early.
  • Gee, we wonder why?
  • Then he pulls out a map, with a note from Charlotte on it, probably the fax from the other night. Now we can't even sarcastically pretend to wonder why.
  • Cut to the talk show set. It's bright and colorful and totally bananas. The host is super-animated—some might say "obnoxious"—and, after a lengthy intro, he does a welcome dance for Bob. Bob seems kind of low-energy.
  • In the car on the way back to the hotel, Bob looks at a candid photo of Charlotte and some random lady that was probably taken on their night out.
  • As he takes a soak, his phone rings. It's Lydia. The burgundy carpet is going to take 12 weeks.
  • Bob's over the carpet discussion. He tells her he's lost. He wants to take better care of himself. He wants to stop eating so much pasta, for example; he wants to eat more Japanese food. Lydia says he can stay there forever and eat all the Japanese food he wants.
  • Bob asks how the kids are doing. Lydia says they're fine. They miss him, sure, but they're used to him not being there. Then she wants to know if she should be worrying about Bob. "Only if you want to," he says.
  • After a quick trip to the sauna, Bob watches his appearance on the talk show in his room.
  • Later at the bar, Bob's on his usual perch, drink and cigar in hand. The lead singer from Sausalito finishes her set and joins him.
  • "Hi," she says, with all the seductive power that the lead singer of an American cover band performing in a Japanese hotel bar can harness. So, meh.
  • Cut to the next morning. Bob wakes up to see a bottle of champagne and two glasses on the ledge. The singer walks past in her bath robe, singing.
  • Uh oh.
  • Charlotte knocks at the door. She wants to know if Bob's up for sushi. He is, but not right now. She assumes he just overdid it with the Suntory last night, but then she hears the Sausalito singer doing her thing. Charlotte is visibly bummed and leaves.
  • Bob walks down the street. Lydia calls. She reminds Bob when their daughter Zoe's ballet recital is (he knows) and says she'll see him soon.
  • Bob meets Charlotte at the sushi place. It's not a pleasant meal. Charlotte's upset with Bob, and makes fun of his age. He makes fun of her need for attention.
  • That night at the Park Hyatt, the fire alarm sounds off. The guests all file outside in their jammies and robes. Bob sees Charlotte. They agree that it was the worst lunch ever and make up.
  • Bob says he's leaving tomorrow. Charlotte says she'll miss him. Then she scopes out his open-toed slippers. His feet are way too big for them.
  • Bob and Charlotte sit together in the hotel bar later that same night, coats over their pajamas. They stare at each other while the bar band covers Atlanta Rhythm Section's "So into You." Bob and Charlotte are taking it pretty literally.
  • Bob and Charlotte ride up in the elevator. They part with an awkward goodnight kiss that's a weird peck on the half lips, half cheek. Guess that's that.

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