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Lost in Translation Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • It's morning. Bob looks out the window of his hotel room, then looks at his watch.
  • Over in her room, Charlotte's in the shower. A fax comes in. It's a drawing from John that says he misses her and can't wait to see her tonight.
  • Bob meets with hotel staff in the lobby. It's time to head to the airport. He says he needs a minute, and goes over to the house phone. He leaves Charlotte a voicemail that say he's leaving now. Oh, and he wants his jacket back, but since she's not there, he guesses he's never getting it back, and so this is goodbye, and she should enjoy the jacket that she stole from him.
  • Bob returns to the lobby and thanks Kawasaki and her crew for being such good hosts. He's interrupted by a leggy blonde who's a big fan.
  • Just then, Charlotte enters the lobby. She has his jacket. OHTHANKGOD.
  • They say their goodbyes, short and sweet, while the Suntory gang waits. Then Bob and the Suntory peeps take some group photos. Bob watches Charlotte leave. He looks crushed.
  • Bob rides in the car to the airport, still looking like his dog died. They stop at a light, and he spots Charlotte in the distance, walking in the crowd. He tells the driver to wait, and hops out of the car.
  • He follows Charlotte, and eventually catches up to her. "Hey you," he says.
  • Then he grabs her and hugs her. Her eyes well up. He whispers in her ear, and she replies, "Okay."
  • What does he whisper? Nobody knows. Yes, movie fans find it maddening.
  • Bob kisses Charlotte, a real kiss this time. Then they exchange "byes" once more, and Bob starts heading back to his car. He's ecstatic. Seriously; It's the happiest he's looked all movie.
  • Charlotte continues on, too, but not before looking back after Bob. She smiles, too.
  • Bob gets back in the car, and they take off. He looks exhilarated, alive. BUT WHAT DID HE WHISPER??
  • We follow him on his drive to the airport for a minute or two, catching all sorts of scenic shots of Tokyo, but WHO CARES? WHAT DID BOB TELL CHARLOTTE?
  • Fade to black.

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