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Lost in Translation Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • Mornin', Bob. The curtains in his hotel room zip open automatically.
  • The shower turns on automatically, too, and its head's too short for Bob to get under. He struggles to take a shower.
  • Oh, culture clash. You're so wacky.
  • Over in Charlotte and John's room, John leaves in a rush for work while Charlotte's still in bed. After he's gone, she resumes her perch in the window like a twentysomething gargoyle.
  • Cut to Bob and Charlotte in the hotel elevator. Once again, he's taller than everybody. (She's not.) He makes eyes at her. She smiles.
  • Next, we're on set with Bob. He's shooting an ad for Suntory whisky. He's in a tux, and the set looks like we imagine the library in “Clue.” Think heavy furniture and dark wood.
  • The director gives Bob lengthy instructions in Japanese which Bob's translator sums up in one sentence: He wants Bob to turn and look at the camera.
  • Bob can't believe that's all the director just said. Frankly, neither can we; dude was talking forever.
  • Bob asks from which direction he should turn: right or left. Again, his translator rattles off about a paragraph of text to the director in Japanese, who responds with his own paragraph. Then the translator tells Bob he should turn from the right.
  • Now Bob really can't believe that was everything that was said.
  • His translator assures him that that was it, and they shoot the first take. Bob turns toward the camera and suavely delivers his line: "For relaxing times, make it Suntory time."
  • The director screams "Cut-to!" and rushes over to Bob. He unleashes another stream of passionate Japanese that Bob, obviously, does not understand.
  • The translator boils the direction down to "slower, and with more intensity." All righty then.
  • Take Two: Bob slows it down. Again, the director screams "Cut-to!"
  • We cut to Charlotte in the subway station. She takes a train to a temple outside the city and watches monks chant.
  • Back in her hotel room, she calls her friend Lauren, holding back tears. She tells Lauren that she saw some monks chanting, but she didn't feel anything. She's tried Ikebana. John's using hair products all of a sudden. It's like she doesn't know who she married.
  • Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, BTW.
  • Lauren's all sorts of distracted and doesn't really hear what Charlotte's saying, let alone detect the super-obvi tears in her voice.
  • Charlotte says she's fine, and she'll call Lauren later. Lauren says that's awesome and to call her when she's back in the States. Charlotte hangs up and cries for a moment before pulling herself together.
  • Charlotte puts on lipstick and studies herself in the mirror. She imagines what she'd look like with shorter hair. She sprawls out on the bed. She hangs paper flowers from the ceiling of her hotel room. This girl is bored.
  • We bounce ahead to John and Charlotte in the hotel room later that day. John's packing up his camera equipment. He complains about the director on the music video shoot he's photographing; the director wants to toughen up the band's image. John thinks he should just let the guys in the band be the skinny nerds that they are.
  • John's kind of a skinny nerd, so that checks out.
  • Charlotte wants to know if the scarf's she's been knitting looks done. John says he doesn't know, then chastises her for smoking.
  • She says she likes it, she doesn't really do it that much, and she'll stop later. She sounds like a kid talking about cracking their knuckles or throwing fireworks down the sewer.

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