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Lost in Translation Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • The next morning, Bob meets Kawasaki and the Suntory execs in the lobby again. They exchange hellos and head straight for a waiting town car.
  • Charlotte and John are heading out for the day, too—together, for once—and they bump into Kelly, an American actress John knows.
  • While John and Kelly exchange excited "OMG"s and explain what in the world they're doing there, Charlotte looks at them both like they're Martians.
  • John finally introduces Kelly to Charlotte. Charlotte doesn't seem very impressed; Kelly's surprised that John has a wife.
  • Then, out of nowhere, Kelly apologizes for having "the worst B.O. right now" and Charlotte kind of looks like she wants to barf.
  • Kelly tells John to call her. They should get together for a drink while they're all in Tokyo.
  • She, like many celebrities, is registered in the hotel under a fake name. Hers is Evelyn Waugh, the famous English author of Brideshead Revisited. Except she pronounces it "Eh-ve-lyn," and doesn't seem to know that Evelyn Waugh was a man.
  • When Charlotte points this out because she thinks it's funny, John doesn't appreciate it and accuses her of being a snobby Yale grad.
  • We appreciate it. It is pretty funny.
  • Wait? Are we snobs??
  • Turns out John's the only one leaving for the day. He says adios to Charlotte, and then we cut to her back in their hotel room again, listening to an audiobook about finding your destiny.
  • Later that day, Charlotte wanders around the hotel and into a conference room where Kelly's holding a press conference about the new action movie she's there to promote. It's called Midnight Velocity, a name so meaningless that they could've just as easily called it Action Movie McCar Boom.
  • Charlotte smiles at Kelly's vapid answers to the journalists' questions, then leaves and wanders into a room where women are arranging flowers.
  • Cut to Charlotte in the bathtub. She has headphones on and she gazes out the window, the picture of alienation.

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