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Lost in Translation Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Bob's at the golf course, golfing by himself as Mt. Fuji looms large in the distance. This must be his day off.
  • Cut to Bob and Charlotte having lunch. He tells her about how a recent shiatsu massage left him in more pain than he started with. She's shows him her injured toe.
  • We can't see the offending toe, but if what Bob says is true, it's a dead, black toe. He lays down an ultimatum: she either lets him take her to see a doctor, or they cut it off right there in the restaurant because, in Japan, somebody would probably want to eat it. Predictably, the nearby chef is not amused.
  • At the hospital, Bob forces Charlotte to ride around in a wheelchair. They're having a grand ol' time.
  • The man at the front desk doesn't speak English. They don't speak Japanese. He gives them lots of directions, but they're at a loss.
  • Bob and Charlotte must do something right, though, because the next thing we see is Charlotte getting her foot X-rayed. Meanwhile, Bob hangs out in the waiting room next to a little old man who speaks at length in Japanese, trying to get Bob to understand him.
  • The doctor goes over Charlotte's X-ray with her in Japanese, too.
  • Charlotte's released, and Bob greets her with a giant stuffed animal. It's unclear what the final diagnosis is, but now Charlotte's sporting a fashionable bandage on her toe.
  • Back at the hotel, she looks through selfies of her and John, while Bob putts in his room.

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