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Mad Max: Fury Road Minor Characters ()

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Minor Characters ()

Immortan Joe's Sons

The whole reason Immortan Joe spends the movie chasing after Furiosa and the others is that he needs his breeders to produce him a viable male heir. Which raises the question: what's wrong with the male heirs he's got? After all, he has at least two sons that we know of…who must not be viable.

Well, he may have a point. Rictus Erectus (Nathan Jones), who is extremely physically imposing, is not exactly a brainiac. When he drinks a sip of mothers' milk at the beginning of the movie, the most conversation he can muster is a rather pathetic "moo."

Joe's other son (Quentin Kenihan) doesn't seem to be much of a slouch in the brain department—at least he's tasked with something other than being glorified mob muscle. He helms the telescope, and appears to be left in charge of the Citadel in Joe's absence. His challenge, unfortunately, is that he suffers from an unnamed physical disability, which we can assume makes him not viable in Immortan Joe's book. And makes his name—Corpus Colossus (Latin for "Big Body") absolutely ironic. (It's also worth noting that the corpus callosum refers to the nerve fibers that connect the right and left hemispheres of the brain.)

Bullet Farmer and People Eater

Meet the other men of power in the Wasteland.

Let's start with the People Eater (John Howard). Think of him as the money man. As the mayor of Gas Town, he's clearly got a business relationship with Immortan Joe, and when Capable sees him on the chase, she remarks that he must be "coming to count the cost."

His role as a money man is mirrored visually in his attire and car. He dresses rich, in a nice suit, with fancy adornments including some rather alarming nipple rings. He drives a limo—a souped-up limo of course, and spends all his time talking about how everyone owes him money. He's pretty much a robber baron of the apocalypse, so we can't feel too sad for him when he meets a rather grisly end: Max uses him as a human shield, and then blows up his rig with him in it.

As for the Bullet Farmer (Richard Carter), well, he's just stone cold crazy. The dude literally has bullets for teeth. Because he's in control of weapons and ammo in the wasteland, he has a great deal of power in a world where weapons are your sole means of survival. He's also got a pretty kick-butt rig—what can only be described as a muscle tank. The Bullet Farmer doggedly pursues Furiosa and co. into the quagmire—mainly because the tank treads on his car mean he can—and shoots wildly into the darkness when Furiosa blinds him with a single shot from her sniper rifle. Like the People Eater, the Bullet Farmer meets what we can only assume is a grisly end when Max, well, blows him up.

The Organic Mechanic

Props for cleverness on the name here. The Organic Mechanic (Angus Sampson) is so named because he's the mechanic of all things organic (a.k.a. people) in the wasteland. Yeah, that basically means he's a doctor. But he's no doctor we'd visit. We see him early in the movie, tattooing Max's back with the words "O negative" and "universal donor." He's also the one who delivers Angharad's still-born child on her death bead, telling Immortan Joe that he had a baby boy—but doesn't anymore.

Miss Giddy

We're not sure who exactly she was or how exactly she got there, but Miss Giddy (Jennifer Hagen) is clearly a very important person for the wives. We get the sense that she was a teacher and a mentor to the women, and she willingly defies Joe by aiming a gun at him and telling him that his wives have fled with Furiosa. "You cannot own a human being," she says.  We concur, Miss Giddy. We concur.

Slit, and the War Boys and Pups

Aside from Nux, the only War Boy we meet with a name we remember is his buddy Slit (Josh Helman). We're guessing that name comes from his face, which is slit from the sides of the mouth, kind of like the Joker in Batman. Slit is as devoted to Immortan Joe as Nux is in the beginning, and he never wavers in that loyalty. Like all the other War Boys, he's sick in some way, and has a rather strange appearance.

All the War Boys are bald, have super pale, white skin, and blackened eyes. We're guessing it's some combination of radiation sickness and war paint. This appearance even extends down to the War Pups, who don't head out into battle, but are clearly training to. They're all sick, but thanks to Immortan Joe, they receive care from the Organic Mechanic, so that might explain where some of that devotion comes to him. They're all so devoted, in fact, that they're willing to die for him, shouting "Witness!" or "Witness me!" as they sacrifice themselves for Immortan Joe's continued reign of terror.

The Doof Warrior

Everyone's favorite denizen of the apocalypse best exemplifies the gonzo craziness that is this world. He's basically the drum-and-fife for Immortan Joe's war parties, providing a heavy metal soundtrack for their violent pursuits. See, in the apocalypse, a drum and fife just won't do: the apocalypse calls for a flaming electric guitar.

The Wretched and Other Citadel Citizens

The wretched are those poor folks stuck down on the floor of the wasteland, looking up at Immortan Joe's green oasis and hoping he'll send some water down their way. In a deeply stratified society like the Citadel, it makes sense that the wretched would be stuck at the bottom, and as you work your way up the towers, the privilege increases. Just above the wretched are those who work the gears of the tower—they've got a job, at least, but they don't look like they're reaping the benefits.

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