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Mad Max: Fury Road Violence

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WAR BOYS: Thunder up! Thunder up!

The War Boys in Immortan Joe's troops use violent language in their war partying. They pump each other up by encouraging violence.

ANGHARAD: No unnecessary killing.

Angharad is a good reminder that the women aren't just escaping slavery: they're trying to escape violence as well. In other words, their rebellion isn't just about feminist issues. They are rebelling against the violence with which Immortan Joe rules the Citadel, and they're attempting to survive and exercise their own power without violence.

THE DAG: Angharad used to call them antiseed.

CHEEDO: Plant one and watch something die.

That's a pretty apt description of a bullet if we may say so. And check out how this exchange between the Dag and Cheedo extends the metaphor. If a bullet is a seed, then the human body in which it's planted (or shot) is like the soil. Echoes of ecofeminism? Absolutely. For more on this, check out the "Women and Femininity" theme.

BULLET FARMER: I am the scales of justice! Conductor of the choir of death!... Sing, brothers, sing!

Gee, someone's got an ego. And last time we checked, "justice" didn't involve firing a giant machine gun at a bunch of defenseless women. Just sayin'.

TOAST THE KNOWING: What do you suppose he's gonna do?

FURIOSA: Retaliate first.

Furiosa is referring to Max here, when he disappears into the fog to deal with the Bullet Farmer. Her terse answer to Toast's innocent question shows us that in this world, in many ways, it's kill or be killed. Max's violence stems from his need to survive, and nothing more. We wish we could say the same for Immortan Joe and his henchmen.

THE DAG: You kill people with that, do you?

THE KEEPER OF THE SEEDS: Killed everyone I ever met out here. Headshots. All of them. Snap. Right in the medulla.

See? Even the ecofeminist Vuvalini resort to violence in order to make it out in the wasteland. In Fury Road, violence is a way of life. But it's one that these women desperately want to be able to stop living.

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