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Mad Max: Fury Road Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • A voice-over gives us some deets: whoever's talking? His name is Max. And his world is "fire and blood."
  • A quick montage gives us the rundown of recent history in this world. We hear talk of oil wars and water wars, and oh, okay, this is one of those post-apocalyptic dealios.
  • Max tells us—again, through voice-over, that he was once a cop, "a road warrior searching for a righteous cause."
  • Not so much anymore. Things have seriously gone downhill. Everything's polluted and broken, and we can assume that cops have gone the way of everything else that once kept the peace.
  • Finally, we get a shot of him, standing outside his car. He's looking out over a vast, orange desert.
  • We hear a child's voice. "Hello? Where are you?"
  • According to Max, "the voices are worming their way into [his] brain, but they can't touch [him]." Why? Because they're the voices of the dead.
  • Suddenly, Max hears something and hops in his car—a kick-butt muscle car that's clearly seen better days. He speeds off down the hill into the empty desert beyond.
  • Soon after, dune buggies, motorcycles, and crazy looking cars enter the shot, chasing Max.
  • Then things start happening very fast.
  • Max's pursuers catch up with him, blow up his car, and take him prisoner when he crawls from the wreckage. Bummer, dude.
  • The voice-over takes over again. Max tells us, "I am the one who runs from both the living and the dead. [...] I exist in this wasteland, a man, reduced to a single instinct: survive."

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