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Mad Max: Fury Road Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Now that the war boys have successfully fought off the Buzzards, it's time for them to "bring home the booty." That would be Immortan Joe's "prize breeders," of course.
  • Furiosa, followed in hot pursuit by a massive war convoy from the Citadel, heads into a gigantic dust storm.
  • This seems like a not great idea.
  • Nux pulls alongside the War Rig and attempts to shoot Furiosa, but misses. Then his car gets a flat tire, leaving him in the dust while other Citadel vehicles close in on Furiosa.
  • To help them move faster, Nux tells Slit to move the blood bag (ahem, his name is Max) to the back of the car.
  • Max uses this as an opportunity to get the drop on Slit, whom he kicks off the back of the car. Buh-bye, Slit.
  • Now Max has to hang on for dear life while Nux drives straight into the dust storm, furiously pursuing Furiosa. Remember, our Nux is after fame and glory.
  • Furiosa fights off one attack vehicle by sideswiping it into a giant dust tornado. Goodness, what a sentence.
  • Inspired by their sacrifice, Nux gets the bring idea of kamikaze-ing his car into Furiosa's rig. "Witness me, blood bag!" he shouts.
  • Max would rather not. He does not approve of this plan. So he punches out the back window, reaches into the car, and grabs the flare that Nux was about to use to ignite the gasoline that he was allowing to pool along the floorboards.
  • In the ensuing clash, the car veers in front of Furiosa's War Rig, and she runs it right over, sending Max and Nux—who are still attached by a chain—tumbling into the dust storm.

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