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Mad Max: Fury Road Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • A while later, the dust storm seems to have cleared.
  • A lump of sand begins to move. It's Max, who's still very much alive, despite the fact that he probably inhaled about a gallon of sand.
  • He follows the chain attached to his muzzle to find Nux, who is unconscious in the car.
  • Max tries to free himself by ripping the cuff off of Nux's hand, but no dice.
  • He hears an Engine revving in the distance, and sees the War Rig.
  • At the War Rig, Furiosa is trying to get the sand out of her engine so that it will run again. Max approaches from the other side, walks around the rig, and sees the breeders—beautiful women who are attempting to clean the dust and dirt off of themselves.
  • Max makes his entrance known by dropping Nux on the ground and aiming a sawed-off shotgun at them.
  • The women—Furiosa included—look at him defiantly. "We're not going back," one of them says.
  • Max sees the water, and is clearly dying for a drink—he demands water.
  • One of the breeders (her name is Angharad, a.k.a. "Splendid") approaches with the hose. She's pregnant.
  • He snatches the hose from her and aims it at his face—with the muzzle still on, it's hard to drink daintily, we guess. In any case, spraying his face with a fire hose seems to get the job done.
  • The splashes awake Nux, who's still lying on the ground.
  • Max demands that one of the other breeders—her name is Dag—cut his chain, so that he'll finally be free of Nux.
  • As she approaches, she spots the Citadel convoy in the distance. They'd better get a move on.
  • She's not strong enough to cut the chain, and Furiosa takes advantage of Max's momentary distraction to attack him.
  • She gets the drop on him and attempts to shoot him with his own shotgun, but it doesn't work.
  • Everyone gets involved in the scuffle. It's a full on melee. The breeders try to help Furiosa by yanking Max's chain (literally, not figuratively), and Nux wakes up and tries to help Max.
  • While the breeders subdue Nux, Max and Furiosa fight viciously until Max finally gets the best of Furiosa.
  • While he holds her at gunpoint, Nux cuts the chain, and a newly free Max gets his jacket back from Nux.
  • Angharad seems determined. "We're going to the green place," she says, and she walks toward the War Rig.
  • But Max ain't havin' that. He needs that truck to escape—to survive. So he shoots in her general direction, and one of his bullets grazes her leg.
  • She freezes, and while everyone looks on, Max hops into the truck and drives away.
  • As they watch him leave, Furiosa tells the women, "You want to get through this? Do as I say."

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