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Mad Max: Fury Road Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • As Max attempts to cut off his muzzle, the War Rig heads towards a rather menacing looking canyon.
  • Max tells Furiosa not to go in there, but in the distance they can see the Gas Town boys approaching with "big rigs, polecats, flamers, and the People Eater himself." Well that sounds alarming.
  • Something's wrong with the truck, and Furiosa concludes they're dragging something out back.
  • Max heads back to solve the problem—a disconnected cable between the tanker and the fuel pod at the back of the truck. As he works on the fix, we see Nux making his way up towards the cab.
  • On his way back up to the cab, Max finally gets the muzzle off. Meanwhile, Nux jumps into the cab of the truck and starts to attack the women.
  • They subdue him, and while Furiosa wants him dead, the women remind her that they said "no unnecessary killing." Meanwhile, Max notices that another party is approaching.
  • It's "Bullet Farmer," Furiosa says. Nux tells them it's over. There's no way they can defy all these men and win.
  • The women remind him that he's nothing but battle fodder, and promptly toss him out of the truck.

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