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Mad Max: Fury Road Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • The rig enters the canyon and Furiosa tells them that she made a deal for safe passage up ahead.
  • Furiosa tells Max she may need him to drive the rig, but he has to stay hidden because she's supposed to be alone when the deal goes off. She doesn't want him mucking it up.
  • From above in the canyon, we see menacing-looking folks on motorcycles.
  • Furiosa wants to know what she should call Max. "Does it matter?" he asks.
  • Fine then. She tells him that when she yells "Fool," he should take the rig and drive as fast as he can out of the canyon—a Plan B for when things go south. Then she teaches him the kill switch. Aw, they're bonding.
  • Furiosa drives further into the canyon, just past a stone bridge that rises above the floor.
  • She stops the truck and gets out, shouting up to the canyon walls that she has come to deliver the fuel pod—"three thousand gallons of guzzoline."
  • When she unhitches the pod, they're supposed to drop the rocks—preventing the war parties from pursuing them through the canyon.
  • A man shouts down—she said there would only be a few vehicles in pursuit, but they count three war parties. Uh oh. Things are already going south.
  • A war party arrives in the distance, after a brief pause, Furiosa shouts "Fool!" and Max guns the truck.
  • Furiosa runs alongside and manages to grab hold, jumping on for the ride.
  • Meanwhile, the canyon men blow the rocks on the bridge, thus blocking the passage of Immortan Joe and his war parties, and leaving them free to chase down the War Rig.
  • Now the canyon men, driving speedy and nimble motorcycles of course, pursue Furiosa and Max—they're after the fuel they were supposed to get from this deal.
  • The war parties, meanwhile, are attempting to get past the rocks so they can continue their pursuit of Furiosa and the breeders.
  • Nux reveals that he was on the war rig with them, so Immortan Joe invites him to ride in his car with him.

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