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Mad Max: Fury Road Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • Max is hauling butt through the canyon like a bat out of hell. The motorcycles are attacking from all sides. They even use nearby rocks as ramps to jump over the truck and drop flaming grenades on the War Rig.
  • Furiosa manages to put out the fire by dropping the plow on the front of the truck so that the sand suffocates the flames.
  • Then she hops out of the sunroof, and she and Max manage to work together to take out the motorcycles, each displaying amazing marksmanship and coordination.
  • Once the motorcycles are done with, there still remains the sticky problem of Immortan Joe in hot pursuit, of course.
  • As he approaches, he aims his gun at the back of Furiosa's head, which he can see through the War Rig's passenger window.
  • Just as he's about to fire, Angharad throws open the back door and puts her body between his gun and Furiosa.
  • She stares him down.
  • Furiosa reaches around Angharad and shoots at Immortan Joe. One of his sons jumps in front of the bullet, saving Joe, but dying himself.
  • As they continue driving, Nux tells Joe that if he can get on the rig, there's a way inside the cab. He can take them out.
  • Immortan Joe tells him to kill Furiosa and return the women to him.
  • If he does that, Joe says that he'll carry Nux to the gates of Valhalla, where Nux will "ride eternal, shiny and chrome." That sounds…peaceful?
  • Nux jumps onto the War Rig—and promptly falls—throwing a wrench in that whole achieving glory business. Looks like he's not awaited in Valhalla after all.
  • Immortan Joe accelerates and careens alongside the War Rig. From atop the vehicle, one of his sons fires a harpoon into the cab of the War Rig, which attaches to the steering wheel. Uh oh.
  • The steering wheel flies off, leaving Max with nothing to maneuver the truck with.
  • Furiosa cleverly attaches a wrench just in time, and she and Max manage to steer away from some fast-approaching rocks.
  • Angharad, who's still on the outside of the truck, almost gets smashed to smithereens, but she manages to duck, just in time.
  • Unfortunately, as she's making her way back to the cab, she slips, and the door she's holding onto falls off the truck.
  • Angharad falls from the War Rig and gets swept under the wheels of Immortan Joe's car, which he has now crashed, in an attempt to avoid running her over.
  • Everyone is devastated. Capable—the red-headed breeder—tells Max to stop and turn the rig around, just as he flashes on that young girl he didn't save—whoever she is.
  • Max refuses. "She went under the wheels," he says. There wouldn't be any point to turning around.
  • Furiosa asks if he saw it. She wants to be sure. Max is sure. Furiosa agrees to keep moving.
  • Back at the crash site, Immortan Joe holds a dying Angharad, and is moaning in grief.

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