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Mad Max: Fury Road Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • As Max and Furiosa drive on through the desert, it's clear the group has taken a big hit. But they have to keep moving.
  • That is, until the truck breaks down again.
  • They slow to a stop and Furiosa and Max get to cooling down the radiator.
  • Cheedo—yes, that is her name—has taken off running, hoping to reunite with two of Immortan Joe's men, who are pursuing them on a motorcycle. Clearly, it has become tough for her to continue on.
  • The other women try to stop her, reminding her that they are not objects—and they're certainly not Immortan Joe's property.
  • While this argument takes place, Furiosa aims her sniper rifle at the oncoming motorcycle, and shoots its riders dead, thus ending Cheedo's hopes of escape. She comes back to the rig.
  • At sunset, the war rig is headed east. Max takes advantage of the relatively calm moment to ask Furiosa, "So, um, where is this green place?" There's definitely a hint of skepticism in his voice.
  • She tells him "it's a long night's run." Gee, that's helpful.
  • Then she asks the women to take an inventory of the guns and ammo while she goes down below the truck to do some repairs.
  • Capable volunteers to go with her to keep watch at the back.
  • As she sits at her post in the back of the War Rig, she hears soft sobbing and discovers that Nux has hidden out there. He's crying because blames himself for Angharad's death.
  • He knows that he can never go back to Immortan Joe, because it was his own blood bag (Max) who drove the rig that resulted in Angharad's death. So much for Valhalla.
  • Capable tells him she thinks it was his destiny not to achieve success and make it to Valhalla. The two share a quiet and unexpected moment of connection.
  • Back in the cab, Toast Knowing (better name than Cheedo?) finishes her inventory and it's not good news. They're running seriously low on ammo for their guns.

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