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Mad Max: Fury Road Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • It's nighttime. The War Rig is headed through a muddy wasteland and begins to skid all over the place. Then they get stuck in the mire altogether.
  • They manage to get free, and lay a few traps for the war parties, who are in hot pursuit.
  • When Joe's vehicles hit the traps, they explode, and the other members of the party get stuck in the quagmire as well.
  • Things are not going Joe's way, it seems. And they only get worse—Angharad, whom they picked up off the road, is dying, and when they attempt to cut her unborn child out of her, they discover the child has died too.
  • Meanwhile, the Bullet Farmer pulls up. He's got what can only be described as a muscle tank. Mud? No problem for him.
  • As for Max and the ladies, well they're stuck in the mud once again, with Bullet Farmer on his way to kill Furiosa.
  • She can hear him firing into the distance, and sees his searchlight. They need a plan.
  • Nux—who seems to have switched sides—volunteers to help, and while they debate the merits of letting one of Immortan Joe's cronies come to their aid, Max attempts to solve the problem by—you guessed it—shooting at it.
  • He takes the sniper rifle, which only has four bullets left, and aims for the approaching search light. He misses.
  • Furiosa takes over, using Max as a perch for the gun. Bulls-eye—literally. She shoots the Bullet Farmer straight through the search light and blinds him. He's still alive, but at least it's bought them some time.
  • At the War Rig, Max and Nux work together to attach the rig to a tree—the only tree for miles, it seems.
  • Bullet Farmer is close enough to hit them, and angered by his new blindness, he begins to fire his machine guns at random.
  • The women all hustle back to the rig, which Nux and Mac are attempting to free from the muck.
  • They finally succeed, and get the rig onto high ground.

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