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Mad Max: Fury Road Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • A little while later, the War Rig pulls to a stop and Toast Knowing spots a tower in the distance. It's familiar to Furiosa. But things aren't exactly looking green if we may say so.
  • They drive towards it, and when they get closer, they notice a naked woman yelling "help me!" from the top. Max thinks this is a bad idea: "That's bait."
  • Furiosa tells them to stay in the rig, while she hops out. She approaches the tower, shouting loudly to identify herself: "I am one of the Vuvalini, of the many mothers."
  • The woman atop the tower sends out a signal, and suddenly several women appear, driving motorcycles like total bosses.
  • The woman climbs down from the tower, and the whole group approaches Furiosa. When the woman from the tower recognizes her, they share a joyful, heartfelt reunion.
  • Now that it's clear they're safe, Max, Nux, and the women emerge from the War Rig.
  • As everyone is introduced, Furiosa says she can't wait for the breeders to see it—the Green Place.
  • Right?
  • But as it turns out, the Green Place is not so green anymore. In fact, they've already seen it. It was that muddy wasteland filled with scavengers and crows.
  • As it turns out, these women are the last of the many mothers, who had to flee the green place when they ran out of clean water.
  • Furiosa, clearly devastated, walks away from the group.
  • While they all watch, she stumbles away, takes off her robotic arm, and falls to her knees screaming.
  • Max looks on, clearly feeling for her.

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