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Mad Max: Fury Road Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • Max is captured. By whom? We're not sure yet—but we know they're bad news.
  • Max is having all his hair chopped off and his back tattooed with all sorts of medical information. His genitals are intact, in case you were wondering.
  • Also, more importantly, the biggest tattoo tells us that he's a universal donor. Unwilling, maybe, but universal nonetheless.
  • Also—and more ominously—the tattoos are all upside-down. What's that about?
  • Then Max gets branded with a very distinct symbol: a screaming skull inside a flaming circle.
  • His survival instinct kicks in. We're treated to his fierce and furious escape attempt. He runs through a network of tunnels, where he stumbles upon his car, which is being repaired. Everywhere he looks, there are bald young men with very pale skin and black around their eyes.
  • Side note—these strange-looking figures are called War Boys—and we're not done with them yet.
  • They chase him relentlessly through tunnels and corridors, while he runs around like a wild man.
  • Things go south for Max when he starts to see visions. First, he sees a young girl who asks, "Max? Is that you? Where were you?" Then he's haunted by an old man—followed by many others—who simply says, "You let us die."
  • Max comes flying out of a door and finds himself teetering on the edge of a cliff. Desperate and wild, he tries to jump onto a hook attached to a crane, but his pursuers drag him back into the dark tunnels.
  • Boom. The title appears: Mad Max: Fury Road. And how.

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