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Mad Max: Fury Road Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

  • Back in the War Rig, Dag prays intently. The Vuvalini are all in the truck with them, except for one, who rides alongside in a motorcycle.
  • The first car from Joe's war party—which just so happens to be Max's old car—approaches. The war boys attempt to harpoon the War Rig, but they miss, and one of them gets shot by a Vuvalini.
  • Now Max's old car and the War Rig are engaged in a race. Furiosa doesn't want the car to get in front of them, because then the war boys will spike their wheels. So Nux climbs out onto the hood to boost the engine by spitting fuel into the intake—which is exactly what Slit—hi, Slit!—is doing to Max's car.
  • When Nux chokes on the gasoline, Max takes over.
  • Meanwhile, the Vuvalini make their move. One of them shoots the driver, and that problem is solved—for the moment.
  • The only problem is, the extra fuel boost has shot engine one—and engine two is about to blow. They've also got a problem with the fifth wheel. Things aren't exactly going great.
  • So Max sends Nux to deal with engine one, while he takes a Vuvalini with him to fix the fifth wheel. If they can unhook the tanker, it won't be a problem.
  • Two of the Vuvalini are lost when they attempt to take out one of Joe's cars and get run over.
  • As a few other vehicles approach the War Rig, they harpoon the back of the truck and put down their plows, creating a drag on the truck and effectively slowing Furiosa down.
  • Max leaves one of the Vuvalini to continue disengaging the tanker, so that he can try to cut the harpoons from the back of the truck with the help of another Vuvalini.
  • Another Vuvalini dies trying to prevent one of Joe's men from harpooning the cab of the truck.
  • In the midst of all this, polecats. Dun dun dun.
  • Several of Joe's men come swinging into view on tall, flexible poles. When the poles are just right, they use the momentum to jump onto the War Rig and engage in hand-to-hand combat with Max and the Vuvalini.
  • In the ensuing scuffle, the Keeper of the Seeds is fatally wounded. She's clearly dying, so Dag thoughtfully hands her the bag of seeds, which she clutches to her chest.
  • Joe's men take out another Vuvalini, but Max manages to fend a few more off—until he gets hit in the head with an arrow, which he blocks with his hand. He's down—at least, temporarily.
  • Then Joe's men take Toast Knowing from the cab of the truck, and she's now in Immortan Joe's car.
  • Max revives, and single handedly takes out several of Joe's men. But when he almost falls off the truck, Furiosa must lean out the window to save him, and when she's not looking, another one of Joe's men stabs her with a bone knife.
  • The Keeper of the Seeds manages to have enough strength left to stab the attacker in the eye, and they kick him out of the cab.
  • Just then, Nux succeeds in fixing engine one, and the War Rig has total power again.
  • Meanwhile, Slit pulls up in Max's old car, clearly hoping to take our hero out.
  • As he guns it, and approaches Max, who is still hanging from the side of the War Rig, Furiosa veers into him, squishing the car between the rig and one of the attacking trucks.
  • Max needs a way out of this sticky situation. When he sees Nux crawl up from fixing the engine, he calls his name, and Nux gives him a swift kick.
  • The momentum is enough to swing him onto a nearby attack vehicle, which Max takes control of with brute force.
  • He guns the engine, driving past the War Rig and past Immortan Joe's car, attempting to create a diversion to allow the War Rig to escape.
  • As Max's attack vehicle pulls alongside the War Rig, the women shout to him that Furiosa is hurt. He takes the opportunity to jump back onto the War Rig.
  • But just as he does, one of Joe's men on a pole grabs him, and he goes swinging away. Max manages to kick the other guy off the pole, and finds himself swinging through the air while the attack vehicle he had just been on explodes in a giant fireball.
  • The pole then bounces him onto the truck with the war drums and the flaming guitar—a.k.a. the Doof Wagon.

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